Marks & Spencers: London, England

When people visit London for the first time, most people will say hello to Big Ben or walk around Westminister Abbey… I on the other hand, wake up at 8am, get ready and visit the closest Marks & Spencers in the area. I walked to the M&S on Oxford street and did not see daylight for two hours- instead, I spent those two hours looking at the cheese selection- cheddar to be specific, fresh baked goods and ready-made sandwiches. I was seriously in heaven just by staring at the selection of specialty juice & smoothie bottles!

By the time I got a chance to see the entire store (clothing included), it was 10:00am and I was ready for breakfast? lunch? Let’s just say, BRUNCH.

I picked out a Smoked Salmon pre-made sandwich, a bag of Red Leicester & Onion chips/crisps and shared a Berry Smoothie with a friend. The smoked salmon sandwich hit the spot- fresh, soft and tasty for 2.75. Chips/crisps were awesome for 0.95, but I could’ve done without the Berry Smoothie… it was really heavy- almost like a meal within itself (luckily this was spilt in half) and quite strong in flavor for 1.85.

My brunch partner is a huge fan of the Berry Smoothie but admitted that it was too strong for so early in the morning. In addition to the drink, she picked out a warm white chocolate chip cookie which was heavenly for 0.60 and a Ploughmans Sandwich for 2.50 which had mature cheddar cheese, lettuce and sauce inside.

Both sandwiches were very good, but really filling… so we ended up saving half of our sandwiches for later- definitely way too good to toss.

I really enjoyed my visit to M&S- it reminded me of Trader Joe’s in Union Square + a Super Target. Since I visited M&S in the early stage of my trip, I made a trip back before I departed for Milan in the Waterloo Station. Spent 15 pounds on 3 bags of grated cheddar, 1 block Cornish Cruncher Cheddar and 2 big bags of potato chips/crisps!

FYI: My luggage was searched at the airport and I almost had a heart attack thinking that they were going to take all of my cheddar from me. Luckily, I wasn’t breaking any laws, the man just told me that cheddar cheese can resemble liquid on the scanner… meno male!!

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