Post Theatre: Covent Garden, London

After a really entertaining 7:30pm performance of Derren Brown at the Shaftesbury Theatre, we finished around 10:30 and were completely starved! We had hoped to go to Wagamama for noodles… but the show ended later than expected. So instead, we had a walk through Covent Garden- tried to get fish and chips from a take-away place, but they only had fried sausage. No one was really in the mood for that particular dish so we kept on walking… and just before we started to lose hope… we stumbled upon a restaurant called Maxwell’s.

We were so happy that Maxwell’s was open, but were even happier that it had Monday Specials: 50% off main courses!! SO!! I took a quick look at the menu and saw ‘Bacon and Cheddar Cheese burger’- add a side of BBQ sauce- 50% off- can you say sold??

Since my appetites been pretty small this week, the boys were pretty amazed that I finished the entire burger by my lonesome… but, I haven’t had a REAL burger in months… nonetheless a burger with CHEDDAR cheese… so I was quite the happy camper even though I was in a semi-food coma post burger consumption.

However! If I had room in my stomach, I would’ve tried a couple of other things on the menu that looked good (yes I totally stalked other peoples plates while waiting for my burger to arrive)- the chicken wings and the nachos were definitely on my “to-try” list (FYI: the nachos were massive- could be shared with 4 people)!!

Try it, you’ll like it: (especially on Mondays…)
8 James Street
Covent Garden, London
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