Rabot Estate Chocolate: Borough Market, London

“Chocolate Pasta? What sauce goes with it… icecream??”

After ordering two slices of cake, we walked no more than 25m before sitting down again for a cup of cocoa tea. I literally just felt a force suck me into that shop and did not go against this feeling; ordered a cup of cocoa tea with chili and enjoyed. It was a nice cup but it wasn’t really anything spectacular- I prefer Jacque Torres’ version in NYC. However, I think I was just happy that I was sitting in the shop surrounded by chocolate-goodness. I absolutely, positively loved every inch of this shop. The decor was inviting, shabby chic and modern. If I ever owned a shop, it would look like this :)

Stop in, you’ll like it:

2 Stoney Street
Borough Market
020 7403 9852 
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