English Breakfast: London

Full English Breakfast @ The Butlers Wharf Chop House by Tower Bridge

I sat down with the boys for breakfast and took a look at the menu. However, it was already decided that I was ordering the Full English Breakfast which includes two eggs (they serve Clarence Court Hens Eggs or Reggie Johnson Goosnargh Duck Eggs), two pieces of Halesworth cured bacon, 1 middle white pork sausage, a side of mushrooms, two pieces of bury black pudding, and a grilled tomato. To be honest, I was really intimidated by the description and literally begged the boys to share it with me.

When the waitress came over to take our order, we decided that we’ll have four glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice for 4.00 a glass, 2 Full English breakfasts with poached duck eggs @ 8.50, 1 smoked salmon and scrambled eggs @ 8.00, 1 kipper (fish) with a poached duck egg @ 8.00 and a basket of toast for all four of us to share.

While we waited for our food we had a gorgeous view of Tower Bridge. Location gets an A+. The Chop House is located right on the river so we had a lovely morning just sitting outside, sipping on tea and coffee before our food arrived.

The Full Breakfast was fantastic and definitely my favorite out of the three. I dove right into the poached egg, paired it with the bacon, ate the sausage and tried the black pudding. Now, I never had black pudding before so I didn’t know what to expect- looking at it, I just thought it was some sort of dark hash brown… but it wasn’t. Black pudding, for those of you who do not know, is congealed blood… but it really wasn’t horrible in taste (actually tasted minty). I guess it’s like any other sausage, right? Anyway I was happy I tried it but I have to admit that I didn’t really eat it after I found out it’s description.

The smoked salmon and scrambled eggs were standard.

The fish… was difficult to eat. We tried sliding the meat off with a fork but bones were stuck in every bite and became somewhat frustrating. When we were able to taste a piece of it, it did have a nice flavor… however I would avoid ordering this dish unless the chef plans to dissect it for you.

Try it you’ll like it: (just avoid ordering the kipper)

36E Shad Thames
020 7403 3403


Eggs, Bacon, Beans & Chips @ My Tea Shop by London Bridge Metro

Without looking at the menu, I ordered the Eggs Bacon Chips & Beans for 4.50 at a little fry up place in honor of Russell Davies, author of EBC&B. This little hole in the wall was not featured in his book, but we decided to take a seat outside the mini-sized restaurant since our morning hunger pains were setting in…

So while we were waiting, we sipped on cold water… and I literally just realized that I made the mistake of not ordering a cup of tea- I knew there was something off when I was waiting for my dish- I mean, how could I have EBC&B without tea??

Ughh- next time I’ll have to remember because I WILL be going back to this little gem. The EBC&B was surprisingly delicious! I loved the flavor of the beans and I really enjoyed how it complimented the fries, the bacon, and the egg… it was definitely done properly (but by the time I got around to finishing the egg, I was full and it was cold- a little too much talking and not enough eating).

As I said, pleasantly surprised with this dish- a part of me thought that I wasn’t going to like it, but I give it the thumbs up. A big thanks to My Tea Shop for making my first EBC&B a pleasant experience! Maybe I’ll take my EBC&B book with me on my next trip to London so I can try out a few of Russell’s favorites… if not, at least I know I have a fry-up joint to fall-back on ;)

Try it, you’ll like it:
23 Duke Street Hill
London Bridge
020 7404 1110

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