I’ve been all over the world, but somehow…. I’ve skipped over London. I wasn’t avoiding the UK (in general), England just never made it onto any of my itineraries.  So, when friends from Australia told me they’d be in London for a visit, I decided that it would be a good idea to join them :)

ITINERARY: Spend time with good friends and eat good food. The Aussies have a handful of family & friends in the area so we were happily pointed in the ‘local direction’. I discovered some great places to eat and had a lot of laughs- what more could I have asked for?

As for the sights, I wasn’t really interested in being a tourist… however, after some convincing, I was put on a Big Bus tour for 27 pounds and saw all of London in 3hrs (ticket is valid for 24hrs– skip the Dungeon exhibit).

The center of London is pretty small and everything seems to be within walking distance. If you can’t walk there, taxis are convenient… that is, if you’re in a big group. One taxi can seat 6 or maybe 7 people (the interior is very social-friendly: 5 in the back facing one another and possibly 2 in the front). I much prefer the taxi situation over the tube because (metro) passes are just as expensive (approx. 5 pounds per ride/daily pass) and I’m still struggling to understand how many zones I have to pay for in order to get to Point A to Point B… so just do yourself a favor and buy an Oyster Card.

Overall, my London experience was great. I may have overdone it with the 9 blocks/bags of English Cheddar, but they were worth every bite (friends in Italy appreciated it too)! In regards to the city, my favorite area was Borough because of the beautiful houses, the scenic views and the local market (found Neal’s Yard Cheese Shop nestled in the corner of the market area- dangerously yummy). Also thought Covent Garden was the cutest little area full of life and laughter… and I would like to see Camden (let’s not confuse the Camden, NJ stereotype with Camden, England) my next visit because I heard it’s fantastic!

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