It’s taken me a of couple weeks to sort out which hosting site I’d like to use for LITTLE MISS LOCAL… played around with Blogger, SquareSpace and Tumblr, but I found that WordPress is the best site for me. Will switch the web address to soon :)

Organizing this site was not an easy task so I just thought I’d give you a run down about what’s already on this site.


– ABOUT: Gives you a brief overview of LITTLE MISS LOCAL (LML) and Contact Information

– TRAVEL: This is the main homepage and has sublinks to other countries and their respective posts.

– FOODspots is a direct link to my ‘Little Miss Local Foodspotting page‘. This is where I post all of my favorite finds to share with the public. It’s a great community of foodies; lots of visuals and a great resource!


– Archives are displayed on the right-hand sidebar under FOODIE FILES, drop down to a specific month or just click, READ THE LATEST for the last 5 post entries.

– If you have a specific date in mind, click on the Calendar!

– If you have a category you’re looking for, find SPECIFIC and look in the drop down menu.

– Recommendations can be found under the following categories: BREAKFAST, BRUNCH, LUNCH, DRINKS, DINNER, SWEETS; underneath these categories you’ll find a name and location listed. If you click the NAME, it’ll direct you to their main website OR one of my personal reviews for a MUST-HAVE specialty.

That’s it for now… enjoy it!

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