Social Networking sites have been set up and are ready to go!

I’m about 5 years late on Twitter but I finally have an account :)  Using it as a foodie newspaper to follow all of the latest reviews, trends, festivals, recipes, etc. from celebrity chefs & critics as well as my fellow food enthusiasts.

On Facebook, I’ll be posting a variety of things like food reviews, blogs, articles, etc. that peak my interest. I’ll upload pictures and post random status updates– everything I post on FB will linked to my Twitter account.

Enjoy the food-worthy news, I am  :)

UPDATE: So I bought an iPad but I rarely used it until today! I was at Turne for Lunch and decided to set up my “office” out by the outdoor seating area with my iPad + keyboard. When I logged into LITTLEMISSLOCAL.com I was sent to a page that looked unfamiliar… at first I thought, “OMG, is someone using the same web-address as me?!” But then I just hit the swipe me button and voila, LITTLEMISSLOCAL.com went iPAD friendly! Take a look at the awesome set-up!


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