When friends and family visit me in Italy, I get a little nervous every time they land because both Milan Airports: MALPENSA (MXP) & LINATE (LIN) are 45 minutes away from the center (yes, those two are the closest main airports to Milan). After giving directions on how to get the bus to MILANO CENTRALE train station (which is the ONLY option other than getting a taxi to the center of the city- which could cost around 80 euro), they’ve told me that there weren’t any problems and it was surprisingly easy. Therefore, I thought I’d share the love:


–       When you exit from baggage claim, look for a stand selling Malpensa Bus tickets to Milano Centrale (they’re approximately 7 euro per ticket but you can buy 3 tickets for 15,00 euro). Once you have your tickets, proceed to the exit that has a bus symbol. Buses should be directly outside the door- you can’t miss them, they’re huge! Store your luggage under the bus, give your ticket to the driver for him to rip, save the ticket because there may be a valid ticket on the back and take a seat. NO TIPPING NECESSARY.

–       The bus may stop at another terminal before it begins its journey to Milano Centrale (so don’t get off if they stop 10 minutes later). Bus ride should take approx 45 minutes.

–       When you arrive at the Milano Centrale train station, you will be parked outside the station. Get off and get your luggage.


You can follow the same instructions mentioned in the Malpensa section OR you can take the local 73 bus or X73 <– EXPRESS BUS for 1 euro (purchase tickets at the self-service machines or on the bus for 1,50 euro. I tried taking the local 73 bus but it was taking a long time whereas the X73 gets to the station in 30 minutes. 

I guess you should just choose when you arrive to see which buses are running faster. 


Depending on your destination… you can take a train, taxi, OR the underground metro for 1 euro (which is really simple to use- it only has 3 lines: red, green and yellow) to go somewhere in the center of Milan. I’ll help you out where I can, enjoy!

PS: If you’re on a low-budget and find a cheap flight to Bergamo (BRG), it is possible to purchase that flight… however, you will need to take a bus from the airport to Bergamo Train Station and then a train ride to Milan. Might increase your arrival time by an hour or so…

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