In 2008, I traveled to LA, Fiji, NZ and Australia with a group of people from Rowan University- it very well may have been the WORST tour in my life, but the friends I made on that trip are priceless. Kaitlin, fellow partner in crime, messaged me saying that she is on the road again and plans on backpacking Europe for a month and a half. I loved her spontaneity and told her she was more than welcome to stay with me for a few days before I left for Switzerland. Yeah, add her to my list of un-official CouchSurfers ;)

When she arrived, she brought me these waffle/biscuit/caramel/cookie things from Amsterdam! Seriously, can she know me any better- bringing me local food as a treat made me love her even more <3

When I bit into in, I didn’t really know what to expect- I thought it was just going to be a dry crunchy cracker, but it was sweet, soft and filled with caramel. When you pull it apart it just oozes with caramel-goodness and each bite is pure bliss. Thanks for the treat Kate!

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