Continuing with my tour of Monza, I proposed La Pizzeria to Kaitlin. Kate’s never been to Italy so she hasn’t had an authentic Italian pizza before… which made me a little hesistant to bring her here so early… I mean it’s setting the standards pretty high for Italian pizza so early in the game…

However Kate made a good argument, she said she’ll try the best of Northern Italy and  see how it compares to the pizza in Naples… I know they’ll be completely different, but I’m really interested to see how she compares the two…

To represent the Northern Italian pizza, I ordered Kaitlyn #33 Sliced Eggplant with Olives. For me, I was debating between #29 Leeks and Tuna and #49 which was a brand new pizza for me: Tuna, Praga Ham, Peppers & Salami. I let the waitress chose and I got #49. Both of us were quite happy with our choices and while we were eating, Kate made me laugh a few times… this is the part where NJ MEETS ITALY.

I noticed that she was baffled by some of the cultural differences from the start. For example, she asked for tap water, but the waitress resisted the request and recommended the bottled water. I’ve pretty much acclimated to the “way it is here” so I didn’t persist… but realized that, that was me just a year ago. After the water, Kate was a little peeved she didn’t have the option to take home her leftover pizza and so on and so forth. I understand why she felt frustrated and why she expectated certain things because we’re both American-minded. However, now that I’ve adjusted to my Italian environment, I think I understand/realize how Italians, English, and other ex-pats (may) perceive me in comparison to themselves. They may think of us as rude or forward because of our expectations, but some customs are normal everyday things to us and it might take us a few to understand why it’s so different somewhere else.

Honestly, cultural sensitivity is such an amazing study- I think I’ll look into reading more about it. Will call upon my good friend Perry, an amazing philosopher, to recommend some books because he’s currently writing another thesis regarding something similar to this subject.

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