If you’re interested in visiting Milan, here’s the localized tour I gave my friend Kate this afternoon. Enjoy :)

Kate and I were coming from Monza, so we had two options: take the train to Porta Garibaldi or Milano Centrale. So we checked the timetable, purchased 2 train tickets for 15km (1,85 each) and 2 metro passes (1,00 each), stamped our tickets and hopped the next train out which happened to be Porta Garibaldi (they run more frequently than Centrale- Centrale is usually once an hour).

When we arrived in Porta Garibaldi, it was decided that we were gonna take the metro to Cadorna Station to see Castle Sforzesco, which was “built in the fifteenth century by Francesco Sforza who became Duke of Milan- the remains of a fort date back since the fourteenth century.”

Behind the castle, we took some pictures of Parco Sempione and we were totally ready to sprawl out on the grass for nap… but remembered we had to make a personal detour to Ludi, a Milanese clothing shop on Corso Magenta for a jacket fitting.

After playing plus size model for my new jacket, which is almost near completion, we made a stop into Marchesi Bakery (I ordered a teeny-tiny cannoncini alla crema for 0,70) and then we made our way to the Duomo (Milan’s Cathedral). Literally, the castle is down the road from Duomo- just walk straight from the Castle fountain and keep going until you see the tips of the massive church.

Once we arrived at the Duomo, we were denied entrance because Kate and I weren’t in the proper attire (no shorts/no bare shoulders). Kate was pissed that she chose to dress like a “hoochie-mamma” today, but got over it once I showed her La Galleria which is just a hop, skip and jump away from the church.

I love looking at the architecture in The Gallery… I don’t think it’ll ever get old to me…

Once we walked straight through La Galleria, I pointed out La Scala Teatro, the most famous opera house in Milan. We couldn’t go inside today, but one day I plan on going on a Saturday afternoon for cheap-seats (one of those must-do type of deals) to see the Opera.

Walking away from Duomo and La Scala, we made our way over by Montenapoleone. We glanced at the street with the designer shops and then we quickly detoured to the SoHo of Milan: BRERA.

Brera is full of fun shops, cute cafes, cobblestone streets, etc. We stopped at one of my favorite icecream shops in Milan: Amorino Gelateria and got a cone full of YUM: Pistachio & Caramello… however we were tempted to get a second helping of Mango, Banana & Kiwi… all so good. Also, passed by Trattoria del Pisa which is a traditional Italian kitchen with an open kitchen- dined there awhile ago but I remember it having a really nice atmosphere (good for lunch or dinner).

FYI: If you don’t want to walk to Brera, you can take the Green Line to LANZA BRERA, walk out of the station, make a left and then turn left onto the main road.

The main road with all of the shops and cafes leads to MOSCOVA. Moscova is a nice area full of posh shops and almost everyone’s favorite cafe/bar/shop: 10 Corso Como (love the decor- so chic, so posh).  However we decided not to go to Corso Como, instead we stopped at Princi for a small aperitivo because it’s right next to the metro. We snacked on delicious pizza (they make some of the best breads/pizzas/desserts for take-away) and sipped on our drinks for a total of 7,00 euro each.

After the aperitivo we called it a day and headed back to the apartment by taking the metro to Porta Garibaldi and then we took the next train out to Monza.

Stay tuned for the other parts of Milan that were not mentioned/seen during our tour today. Hope this was helpful!

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