This itinerary is tailored towards a person who wants to relax and enjoy Milan, whereas the first itinerary showed the main sights. Either way we’re gonna start back at the Duomo (Cathedral) because it doesn’t really hurt to see it again now does it? You could even go all the way to the top of the Duomo (there’s an elevator or stairs) to the see the skyline view of the city for a few euro.

After you arrive in Duomo you have a few options:

Option #1: Take the Yellow Line to spend the afternoon in the spa. Afterwards, head to Porta Ticinese to shop and then Navigli for drinks during happy hour.

Option #2: Skip the spa, if you want to go shopping you can stop into La Rinascente which is next to the Duomo & Galleria. When you’re done shopping, walk past the Duomo towards the statue and look for the Zara shop. Take the #3 tram to San Lorenzo (totally walkable, just a bit crowded) and walk down to the shops and see the Navigli. (Read below for more info)

1)    Plan to relax and enjoy the spa life (by yourself, with a friend or partner). Just take the yellow line to Porta Romana. When you exit the metro station you will see a big brick wall which is actually a Roman ruin. Go towards the Roman “door” (it’s the old roman arch) and just follow the wall to the left. Enter the building and you will find Terme Milano. Entrance is a little expensive so if you just want to try the spa, there is a full-access lunch special from 12:30pm-2:30pm for 30 euro as opposed to the 46 euro (unlimited time). I suggest this lunch special regardless of your itinerary because I usually spend 3 or 4 hrs maximum at the spa for an All Day Pass. The “terme” is beautiful, but it’s pretty small. There are relaxation rooms for resting, a large room with yogurt, tea, fresh fruit and snacks for all to enjoy (the yogurt is delicious and you can fill-up pretty well for lunch), outdoor pools and lawn chairs, a dark Kodak room where you can relax, multiple saunas (sometimes there are free events) and hydro pools downstairs. There are showers and lockers for your belongings. The spa provides robes, towels, flip-flops and shampoo products, so just bring a bathing suit! Also, the spa is great all year round regardless of the weather.

2)    After the spa, pack up your things and take the #9 tram in the direction of Porta Genoa which is located near the metro station (tram stop is in between the street from the Terme and the metro where you arrived).

3)    Get off when you see the big columns and walk towards the McDonalds. This street is full of vintage shops as well as cute boutiques. Further down the road you’ll see Piazza San Lorenzo where everyone gets a drink and just hangs around the square during the warm weather seasons.

4)    After you walk around, head back to the McDonalds but stay to your right, you’re gonna go along the water and walk to the Navigli canals. Here you can enjoy the view of the water and pop into any of the bars hosting aperitivo (try Officina 12)- order a drink and help yourself to the free buffet! Consider dinner sorted!

5)    However, if you rather have a sit down dinner, I recommend Posto di Conversazione which is one of the first restaurants on the Navigli- you can sit inside or outside, the flan di zucchini is fantastic, the pasta is homemade and the meat is served in generous portions. Most of the waiters understand English and can be very kind.

6)    Afterwards, just take the Porta Genoa Metro (Green Line) to Porta Garibaldi train station (if you’re heading back to see me in Monza) or switch subway lines to wherever you need to go :)

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