As English-Mother Tongue Teachers, it is common for us to get job offers during the summer holiday to teach kids while they are on vacation. With a few recommendations from colleagues, I accepted a job to teach a 3 year old Italian Boy (Giuseppe) in Bever, Switzerland for a couple of weeks.

Job Description: Speak English.

OVERALL: Working with one child from the time they wake up, until the time they go to sleep is exhausting! Not really sure how Moms do this everyday… but then again, some Moms ask how teachers juggle 25 kids in one classroom… and I guess you just go with it right??

Anyways, the weather was pretty lame. Lots of rain and cold wind earlier in the week which ruined some of our plans unfortch :-/ However, when we were able to catch the sun, I was absolutely amazed with the views. The mountain air was so clean (46°33′N 9°53′E) and every time we went for a walk, I was surrounded by houses that were “SO SWITZERLAND”. Not gonna lie, the area was a little isolated, however it only took a 10 minute bus ride to Sanmaden which had a large supermarket and a thermal spa (totally should’ve taken advantage of that on my day off- what was I thinking?!) and a 20 minute ride to St. Moritz known for Olympic Bobsledding, their magnificent lake full of sailboats, town full of posh shops and delicious bakeries! Happy I got the chance to taste some fresh pretzels and sweet treats! Hope you enjoy my views, I did!

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