Spontini Pizzeria near Milano Centrale train station has been my cheap eats pizzeria ever since I’ve moved to Northern Italy in 2009. I ventured there with friends after late-night shopping sprees, and it always seemed to hit the spot.

Looking for the "S"

Known to many as the KnK Project, but to me they're my shopping/pizza buddies :)

Spontini specializes in Pizza al Trancio (pizza by the slice), which is the ONLY item on their menu (except for lasagna during lunch time). You can order your slice of pizza: Margarita or Pizza con Acciughe (has anchovies in the tomato sauce) for 4,50 euro. For 0,50 cents more, you can order the “abbondante” which gives you an extra half slice (see below). 

Once you get a table, the service is quick, the pizza is tasty and the bill is cheap. Only problem? I usually end up leaving with a very sore belly… however, I always end up wanting to come back for more once I’ve forgotten about the pain days later.

Spontini Pizzeria: Pizza al Trancio Abbondante 5,00 euro

So… I’m not really sure HOW to say this gently, therefore, I’m just going to say it: Spontini Pizzeria, you’ve been replaced by Grand’Italia Pizzeria as of August 7, 2011, for the following reasons:

  1. Grand’Italia “Pizza al Trancio” is BIGGER for the same price of 5,00 euro
  2. Grand’Italia let’s me pick which toppings I’d like to have on my pizza
  3. Grand’Italia does not make me scarf down my pizza just so I can give up my seat for the next person in line… hence, sore belly…
  4. The pizza tastes great and reminds me of yours; but at Grand’Italia, I have the option to spilt one piece of pizza into two so I can share with a friend (Technically: each of us pay 2,50 and receive one generous slice each- see below)!
  5. I like having more options than Pizza Margarita or Pizza con Acciughe. At Grand’Italia I can choose to eat pizza, something from the full menu or I can have it all…

Grand'Italia: 1 Normal Pizza 5,00 euro (+Mushrooms 1,00) FYI: One portion has been spilt into two servings where the mushrooms divide

First Course: Pasta Carbonara 7,00 euro

Second Course: Veal Francese (Onion, Sausage, Scamorza on Veal) 13,00

Honestly, it’s been great, but I think it’s time for me to move on to bigger, better pizzerias. Thanks for the memories Spontini, HELLO GRAND’ITALIA!

Try it, it’s worth it!

Via Palermo, 5
20121 Milano
02 877759

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