Have you heard of an area in Italy called Emilia-Romagna? You may be more familiar with their cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano? You know, parmesan!!

Stolen From: Wikipedia

Well, Emilia-Romagna is THE HOMELAND for Italian Cuisine and I’m going to a small town in Romagna called Riccione, to taste their food and to relax at the sea… but I think you know that I’m more interested in the food ;)

I’ve tried to do a little internet research on Riccione but I think it’s too local to read about… which makes me that much more excited to visit! I’ve actually mentioned my vacation plans to a few locals in Monza and they replied, “Riccione’s sea isn’t that good compared to the other seas, but the PIADINA is great!” A piadina is an Italian Flatbread sandwich, the US version of a Hot Wrap… and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

I’ll be heading down there by train with my best friend; our fast train tickets were 53,00 euro each (we could’ve purchased tickets for 20 euros less, with an increase of 40 minutes to our journey… but the times they offered were a bit inconvenient). So we’ll start in Monza, pick up the train at Milan Centrale, change trains in Bologna and then we’ll take it all the way to Riccione (I was hoping to stop in Bologna to have coffee with Alessandro, a fellow foodie I met through CouchSurfing, but we’re postponing our meet-up/eat-up for a potential event… Details TBA!!).

For this trip, I booked a 1 week All-Inclusive stay (room+food+drinks) at a waterfront hotel. I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 6:00am so I should probably put my clothes into my suitcase… like, now…

Bikini, toothbrush, camera, sunglasses... GO!

If you don’t hear from me this week, that means I’m internet-less! Hope to update you as soon as possible :)

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