I really feel the need to share my first gelato experience in Riccione with you… and by the title, I’m pretty sure you have an idea of what happened… but I’ll start from the beginning.

After finishing dinner on a sweet note, we decided to take a walk through the main streets of Riccione. The town is filled with restaurants, cafes, shops and gelaterias. I wasn’t planning on stopping anywhere for an additional treat, however that all changed when I stumbled upon a gelateria called Nuovo Fiore.

The ice-cream looked amazing, and lines were literally out the door… so I immediately jumped on the bandwagon by purchasing a cone with 3 Flavors: Blackberry, Pineapple and Lemon for 2,50.

The blackberry was sensational, the pineapple was phenomenal and the lemon was sweet, tart and icy. I took three licks- one for each flavor- and by the fourth lick, my ice-cream was on the cobblestone street of Viale Ceccarini.

It was like a slow-motion suicide that was literally out of my hands (pun intended). I did my best to catch it, but all I got were bits of blackberry stained all over my white zip-up hoodie. After my failed attempt to catch the gelato, I looked up and saw a group of old ladies empathize my loss… but it really didn’t make me feel better and it didn’t bring my ice-cream back.

Next time: ORDER CUP.


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