Who doesn’t love a game good ol’ game of The Price is Right?? Below you will find the correct PRICE for the following ice creams/granitas:

1. Frutti Di Bosco (Mixed Berry) Sauce & Vanilla Icecream
A) 3,50
B) 5,50
C) 7,50

2. Nutella & Nuts on top of Vanilla Icecream
A) 5,50
B) 7,50
C) 9,50

3. Strawberry Italian Ice Granita
A) 7,00
B) 9,00
C) 11,00

4. Coppa Grande with 3-4 Flavors (Includes Whipped Cream)
A) 9,00
B) 11,00
C) 13,00


Elisabetta, fellow Monzese and summer resident in Riccione (for her entire lifetime) met us on the main street of Riccione to bring us to her FAVORITE gelateria.

I spied ADLER the first night we arrived because it had a great crowd (due to its location and overall ambiance)… but I questioned whether the gelato was authentic “artiginale”. Tourist traps are my ultimate pet-peeve and I didn’t want to fall for shiny spoons and sparkly signage.

However, that question no longer existed once Elisabetta brought us to ADLER’s front door step just days later. Hungry and excited, I studied the glass case to see what they had to offer. Happy to report that the color of the icecream was spot on artiginale (look at the banana gelato- if it is light brown, you’re good to go OR read up on artisan icecream by ParlaFood) and the texture looked smooth and creamy. After taking note of which icecreams were scooped the most, I decided to order 4 different flavors (yes, I was a pig): Pistachio, Banana, Hazelnut & a surprise pick from the waiter: Cream.

To be honest, I thought that ADLER was a good gelateria, but not special enough to charge me 9,00 euro for 5 scoops of icecream (average cost: 4,00 euro). However, I already knew that I was really just paying for the table service and location. If you take a look at their cone price chart, you will pay at least 50% less if you take your icecream to-go.

Visitors, as well as local residents go to ADLER, so prices are expected and accepted. We were the 23,790 table for the year so I guess you can consider this a “cheap night out” in Riccione considering their clubs charge 30 euro a head for a night of dancing. Buonappetito!

Try it if you like people watching (it can be very entertaining in Riccione):

Via Dante Alighieri, 55, 47838 Riccione RN0541 601434 ‎

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