Just thought I’d take a few minutes to sit back and reflect on what’s been happening lately… and well, long story short: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been professionally… which is sort of ironic since I’m technically unemployed (no, I am not receiving unemployment).

I just made a decision (a difficult decision, but a good decision) to be happy. And don’t get me wrong, this decision didn’t happen overnight; it took me months to figure out who, what, where, when and why I ever felt happy. I even downloaded an iPhone app called Gotta Feeling, to graph my emotions and I resorted to a self-help book called The Element (which I plan on referencing later), to get a better idea of my personal definition of happiness. After some graph-age, a quick trip to London, and a strong support system made up of family & friends, I saw clarity.

Now, most people make a big stink about their “life-changing” decision(s) on January 1st, but I’ve always been known to march to the beat of my own drum, so I just made my new year resolution on June 26, 2011 by repeating W. Puck’s famous quote as if it were my mantra, “Take the time to live, love, eat… take the time to live, love, eat… take the time to LIVE, LOVE, EAT…”  and in my mind, that means: surround yourself with positive people, travel & taste the world… just don’t forget to stay skinny.

Two months have past and I’ve stuck to my resolution (however, I may need to work more on the skinny aspect due to an increasing amount of food curiosity). I feel motivated, ambitious and supported by many (yes, I AM referring to you).

Sir Ken Robinson–author of “The Element,” a book on how to find work that you’re passionate about–argues that your tribe is essential in helping you to find your element.  Members of a tribe kick ideas around with each other and validate each other.  In addition, Robinson argues that when a group of people with common interests come together, a synergy is created which allows them to create something much greater than any of them could have created individually.

If you feel tribe-less, rest assured in the knowledge that your tribe is out there.  In addition, if you’re already surrounded by a supportive tribe, remember that there are probably many members of your tribe that you have not met yet.  – Marc

If someone would’ve asked me if tribes existed three months ago, I would’ve shot them a strange glance… but the man was right. My “tribe” is better known as the Foodspotting community, and even though I’ve never met these people in person, these food enthusiasts are constantly inspiring and empowering me every day. I’ve learned about different food/dishes/traditions around the globe and I’ve gone from 0 to 100,000+ tips in two months! Even though these virtual tips amount to nothing in reality, they’ve given me the motivation to improve my menu decisions & photography skills.

In the past two months, I can honestly say that I’ve turned myself into a lean, mean, eating machine: I shoot once I’m served, I tweet after I eat (Mamma Ma said no phones or elbows on the table), I read and repost gastronomic articles, and I blog before breakfast and hours way past my bedtime.

I’m off to a decent start and look forward to my future.

Current Mood: HOPEFUL

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