Today is the 1st Day of September and my first attempt to a healthier mind-set (well, at least for the next 7 days + as best I can… there may be a bowl of ravioli thrown in somewhere… just sayin’).

So first things, first: INGREDIENTS! My favorite fruit/veggie vendor, Fratelli Bendin finally opened shop, and the timing couldn’t have been better! I got an immediate delivery of “healthy stuff” which should last me (at least) a couple of days before I need to restock for this veggie adventure… so let the juicing begin!

The program said to start at 7am with hot water… and well, I wasn’t about to wake up out of my coma just to drink water, so I moved onto the next juicing instruction. At 8am & 11am, I’m supposed to make Jason Vale’s Super Juice which requires apple, pineapple, cucumber, avocado, lime, wheatgrass, spirulina and friendly bacteria. Now, I didn’t have any problems finding the first four ingredients… however, from lime onwards, problem.

Since I couldn’t get some of the groceries from Fratelli Bendin, I walked to the market this morning to buy a sack of limes and I could only find lemons, which I find ironic since I see mojitos overflowing with limes every time I go out for a drink. Wheatgrass, spirulina and friendly bacteria powders probably exist here, but the probability of me asking for these ingredients and finding them on my own: slim.

So I just improvised. With my awesome Chef’s knife, cutting board, apple cutter and blender, I went to work.

Juice Verdict? I poured the concoction over ice and it tasted like sweet apples with a tang. Problems? A bit chunky. And not as green as the picture. However, I felt motivated enough to prep the next juice for my post swim meal.

As I was going through the list of ingredients on my iPhone, I noticed a “How-To” video, pressed play, and realized that I made a huge error: when juicing, one must use a JUICER which is not to be confused with a BLENDER. And I should’ve known this!! My Dad bought a juicer back in the day (when he was training for the NY Marathon) and I remember him asking me to drink the raw carrots he juiced… not the most pleasant experience.

Seriously, I suck at this detox/diet/desperate attempt to reintroduce fruits & veggies in my life LOL! Will work on getting a juicer in order to complete the next 6 days.

As for Day 1, it was a rough start but at least I started! Drank the first juice, swam a few laps to get back into routine, did my version of vertical crunches in the deep end and well, that’s better than nothing :)  I’m thinking La Pizzeria for dinner?

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