Semi-annoyed by yesterdays set-back, I managed to gulp down the leftover juice concoction when I woke up.

Surprisingly filling as well as refreshing, it gave me the motivation I needed to get my ass over to the local indoor swimming pool. I swam enough to make my legs tired and my heart rate increase.

Post workout I was super hungry. I contemplated pizza for lunch due to my non-existent juicer, but I realized that my entire refrigerator was FILLED to the brim with fresh fruits & veggies… so I changed my mind.

Therefore, I came up with a few solutions to my non-juicer problem:

  1. Borrow a juicer from a neighbor.
  2. Bring additionals fruits & veggies (that they do not supply) to Safino & Co. and ask them to create the juice in their juicer.
  3. Buy pre-squeezed juices from the supermarket.
  4. Google the differences between a juicer* & a blender.
  5. Get info on how to use a blender as a juicer.

Apparently, it’s possible to use a blender as a juicer (in my opinion, the juicer is just a convenient tool, so I’m okay with a little more manual labor)! With my chopping board and Chefs knife in hand, I got to work. Jason Vale’s Turbo Express Juice requires chunks of pineapple, cucumber, celery, avocado, 6 apples (which may have been too many) and spinach.

I did a lot of chopping because the program says that this drink should be consumed twice a day for the next two, maybe three days… so I decided to make this drink in bulk so I can do the following:

  • Grab it from the fridge like a can of soda (not that I drink soda)
  • Avoid additional clean ups in the kitchen (I loathe washing dishes)

Attempt #2: Everything went in except for the iPhone + carrot.

I'm going to consume all of this... O.M.G.

Over capacity... please don't break...

Yeah I drank that. Turtle power.

Lessons learned from this juicing experience:

  • Read the directions.
  • I was supposed to put avocado + ice in first, but I threw in apples and they don’t really blend that well on their own
  • About the ice, I forgot about it…
    • In Italy, ice is not sold at supermarkets, you need to make your own ice in advance!
    • And I know what you’re thinking… how’s one supposed to keep the keg cold at a house party?? Still figuring that one out.
  • You know the fruit has been blended when it swirls a lot…
  • If you run out of room in your blender, pour some into a cup and start drinking.

Sentiments? Although a juicer would be SO much easier to use (the “How-To” video makes them in 5 mins… it took me at least 30 mins), I didn’t mind using the blender, and will continue to use the blender… unless it breaks down on me (seriously, as I was blending the fruit + veggies together I had to stop it and do some manual swirl-age because I was working it too hard LOL).

Juice Verdict? So yummy! Apple was the main flavor but I also tasted the spinach which was really enjoyable! And believe me, I wasn’t expecting that- I subconsciously avoid spinach (unless it’s covered with cheese in a calzone).

Overall? Even though things got a bit messy (sometimes I felt like I was getting slimed with green smoothie on an episode of Nickelodeon), I’m really happy I can continue this program with my blender.

Day 2 is over, onto Day 3!

*In regards to the deconstructed juicer video, maybe I would’ve gotten higher grades in HS if they demonstrated/associated all scientific terms with food ;)

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