Woke up and went straight to the fridge. Pulled out carrots, apples, and a wedge of ginger and lemon; chopped them up and threw them into the blender.

Sounded simple, tasted complicated.

As mentioned yesterday, I learned that I should not put the apples in first… so I put the carrots in (but found out that wasn’t any better) and yes, I remembered to add the ice, but it didn’t help me with the carrots, so I ended up using a cup of water to get the ingredients  blended together.

Juice Verdict? Jason Vale’s Lemon Ginger Zinger tasted terrible! Didn’t know where I went wrong so I got a second opinion. Friend/guinea pig said it wasn’t bad, just a little bitter… so it might’ve been the type of apple I used or maybe it was a taste aversion stemming from my Dad’s NY marathon days… not really sure so I just chucked it and made the next juice on the list which was significantly better.

Jason Vale's Passion 4 Juice: Pineapple, yogurt, apple & banana!

Around 2pm I got my life together and made plans to meet friends in Milan. Unsure of how long I’d be in the city, I packed a liter of juice to drink for dinner.

No really. I took the train to Sesto San Giovanni station and rode the metro all the way to the Duomo with my juice- just me and my freezer bag.

Yeah I know it’s a little strange but I’m in the juice mentality. Haven’t been craving junkie foods, totally satisfied with my liquid diet (aside from the carrot version) and my moods have been stable. Well, they were stable until I found out that train and metro prices increased again (two price raises in the last four months!!), but I don’t think the juice program had anything to do with the rant you’re about to read:

ATM Milan’s website provides all of the price changes but here are some of the price changes I’ve noticed.

  • One Train Ticket from Monza to Milan- originally 1,65 rose to 1,85 and is now 2,00 euro
  • Milan Metro Ticket- orignally 1 euro, now 1,50 euro
  • If you’re taking the Metro outside of Milan (Sesto to Centrale), it rose from 1,60 to 1,90
  • 24 Hour Metro pass- originally 3,00 and rose to 4,50
  • Weekly Metro pass- originally 6,90 and now they’re 8,40
  • 10 Metro passes were 9,90 and now they’re 13,80

I think these increases are absolutely uncalled for. Public transport is supposed to be an affordable and effective system in order to service the city as well as the people within the community.  These public transport prices may seem minimal when compared to other countries like the UK, however the fact that they raised prices two times within a four month period really pisses me off. So glad I decided not to teach in Milan this year, a one-way commute from Monza to Milan would’ve cost more than my hourly wage. Another day in Italy, another rip off by the Italian government ::end rant::

Friends agreed that the jump was pretty major and completely ridiculous since Italy’s expensive as is… however, after we all let out a little steam about transportation fees and fines, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon walk* to Porta Venezia park.

Situated on our little patch of brownish/greenish grass, my friends grew thirsty so I offered them some of my green juice/smoothie.

Want some?

My English friends, Domenique and Kris were a bit hesitant when they looked at the color of the juice, however, they’re into weird things so they took their first gulps like champs. Pleased by the taste they started to guess what was inside…

Dom was convinced there was banana but I told her she was tasting apple… her reply, “Not the same fruit??” Haha!

Close your eyes and bottoms up!

Kris was curious about the green coloring so I gave him a hint, “green leafy vegetable that starts with the letter s”… and he came up with “spargus” LOL.

It's not guacomole, I promise.

Unfortunately asparagus was not the correct answer, this juice was the same as yesterday’s: spinach, apple, avocado, celery and cucumber =)

No need to fight over the juice, there's plenty for everyone Dom =)

We passed around the juice as if we were sharing a bottle of wine- and before we knew it, we polished off the entire liter.

Pleased with our accomplishment we headed over to Dolly’s Bar for a celebratory drink. I told Domenique to order me something with fruit and veggies and she came back with a Pimms (clever girl).

Becks: Champagne Version 3,50 each

Pimms is a gin-based spirit, mixed with lemonade and garnished with cucumbers and fresh citrus for 8,00 (aperitif included).

8,00 Includes All You Can Eat Aperitivo

Even though I was expecting something non-alcoholic, I have to give her props for following the guidelines! Really enjoyed eating my cucumbers since they were soaked in fruity/spicy goodness =)

Sentiments: After drinking the juice this morning/afternoon, I feel surprisingly satisfied. Even though I’m full, I feel light on my feet as opposed to my normal post food comas.

Confession: As mentioned in my detox intro, my intention is not to lose weight; I’m just experimenting with different ways to reintroduce fruits and veggies to boost my energy levels via juice form. With that said, I may or may not have added my own supplements to this program by ordering an espresso with hazelnut gelato at Bianco Latte…

* Glad I already initiated my healthy living lifestyle because it looks like I’ll be walking more often.

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