Kinda sorta forgot to buy apples again so I looked in my fridge and let the creativity ensue. For the first juice of the day, I incorporated whatever sounded good together (so it would resemble Jason Vale’s Super Chute Juice)… a little bit of this, a lotta bit of that and ended up with half a pineapple, zucchini, cucumbers, ginger, lemon, salad, spinach AND my newest ingredient: RED BEETS!

I found them at my local vendor, Fratelli Bendin, and in Italian they’re called barbabietole (umm yeah… totally googled it, wrote barbabietole on a piece of paper and pointed- this technique works wonders).

I admit that I’ve been avoiding this red/round/root… the thought of drinking beetroot weirded me out, but I figured I’d give it a try today. After some swirlage, the beets made the most beautiful red-ish wine color + as for the taste, they definitely gave the drink the sweetness it needed… but other than that, I barely noticed them (FYI: I’m not about to bite into an un-juiced beet to give a better description LOL)!

Cravings? When I’m not effing up the program I do not have cravings… however, the minute I allow myself to step outside of the 7lb/7Day juice boundaries, I mentally crave carbs almost immediately: fries, pizza, pasta, cheese… you know, the good stuff… which is why you absolutely, positively have to rid your home of anything “junkie” when drinking juice all week long. That “in case of emergency” frozen pizza needs to get tossed, your favorite bag of potato chips needs to be donated to a good home, and any other liability in your kitchen… you’ll thank yourself later.

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