When I woke up this morning, I purposely skipped my first juice smoothie because:

  1. I really, really, really didn’t feel like making a mess in the kitchen (true story… however I was happy to have found this little blender tip just before contemplating anorexia to avoid blender clean up- thank you twitter)
  2. I had plans to swim today (and I’m not sure about you, but through trial and error, I learned not to eat/drink before a swim).

Exercise? Truth be told, I’ve never been the type of person to enjoy a run, nonetheless a walk around the neighborhood (blame it on the asthma) or a gym buff that hits the treadmill till the soles of their sneakers wear out. I am a swimmer. This was the only sport that allowed me to stand out from my brother and sister… and being the youngest of three (you know our reputations… “the attention seeking sibling”), I felt the need to pursue it and label it as my own.

In my opinion, swimming is the best total body workout (pilates is a close second), and while I’m swimming, it gives me the time I need to clear my head. The hardest part? Getting in the water.

To ensure my attendance at the pool, I try to schedule private swimming/diving lessons before or after a workout (which isn’t always possible, however it helps motivate me when I’m just getting back in shape). I started teaching people how to swim when I was 14 years old (lifeguard turned swim instructor); I understood the technique, I knew how to model/explain the directions and I loved working with my students. It’s been over a decade (holy shiz) since I’ve started my private swim business, and I plan to keep on teaching whenever/wherever it’s possible (achem, employ me). I love it!!!

My Little Bilingual Swimmer, Sian at Age 4: Top Picture was drawn before her first lesson. This shows what she expected the pool to be like her first time swimming (yes, there's probably a dead fish in that water LOL) and the Bottom Picture was drawn after she swam in the pool with me for the first time (I'm the one with the big head on the bottom left haha)

Workout? Depends on the day, my muscles, my routine, my emotions (no joke- the angrier I am, the better the workout). When I’m just getting back into routine, I start extremely slow so I can build my count back up. Day 1 usually starts with an un-timed 500m (20 laps). From that point, I’ll just add a 100-200m+ per day and eventually, I’ll end up swimming 2,000m+ in 45-60 minutes (not there yet, but I know I can be).

As for today’s workout, I was just happy to make it in and out of the pool alive- I’m pretty sure everyone in Monza was at the pool today so the lanes were incredibly busy. Managed to get my minimum finished, headed home for a shower, and then I created my version of Jason Vale’s Pure Green Super Juice which went something like this:

  • What goes well with salad? Spinach of course.
  • What goes well with spinach? The beets from yesterday tasted pretty good.
  • Hmm… what else is green that’ll give me nutrients and energy? Well, there’s a zucchini and a cucumber… PERFECT!

Totally impressed with my selection, I turned on the blender and let the magic happen. When I took the first sip, I was completely DISGUSTED by the taste- bleh x2. FACT: Beet salads should not be blended, and if you are going to try this… blend apple or pineapple or something to give it flavor. Needless to say, I’ve snapped out of creative mode, and I’m back to following recipes.

Unimpressed with my blending skills, I decided to met up with a new CouchSurfer from Monza for a quick treat at Mister C’s Cafe on Corso Milano to make up for my non-drinkable smoothie. Sticking with the program, I ordered:

Orange & Carrot Juice

1 Teeny Tiny Cube of Apple Strudel

I think you know my mentality by now! And not gonna lie, it was delicious.

After hanging out with the CouchSurfer for a couple of hours, I went back home to make Jason Vale’s Hot ‘n’ Spicy drink, which turned out like applesauce instead of warm apple juice, since I’ve blending, not juicing. Either way, it was really easy, nice, warm, and overall yummy in the tummy treat. Almost reminded me of the Hot Apple Cider I get at Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ… well, almost.

Apples & Cinnamon

And speaking of home, Mamma Ma skyped me the other day to catch up on my life. She’s my #1 fan and when I get down in the dumps thinking that I’m just writing to the air, she reminds me that she’s reading when she says, “Is this program healthy? How are you drinking your smoothies? Do you have to use a spoon? They’re looking kinda thick. Your aunt like smoothies too! Oh and I just wanted to let you know that the juicer separates the juice from the pulp. Ok love you, bye!” And that’s my Mom LOL <3

Now that I’m on Day 6, I’ve made 8 out of the 10 recipes (+/- ingredients): Hot & Spicy, Lemon Ginger Zinger, Passion 4 Juice, Super Chute Juice, Pure Green Super Juice, Super Detox, Super Juice & Turbo Express (reviews to follow when I finish the program).

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