Day 8 has arrived and I’m feeling great! Friends and family members voiced concerns throughout the week… they’d ask me if this detox was a good idea… they mentioned that this could be dangerous (if I were to continue for a long period of time)… and yadda yadda yadda… but rest assured everyone, I am alive and well!

Can you tell I've worked with small children before??

So let’s start the Q&A’s:

How did you feel…

  • when you started the program? At the beginning I was skeptical, yet optimistic. I didn’t start this program to lose weight, I wanted to try this program to see whether or not my energy levels would boost. Therefore I made an attainable goal: drink 2 out of the 6 juices per day (even though I tried my best to follow the program as best as possible).
  • when you realized you didn’t have the right supplies? Juicing is a fun program and it is essential to have the basic tools in order for this to work. I was kinda bummed when I realized that I didn’t have the proper equipment or ingredients. However I was glad I got by with a blender… but it doesn’t produce the same results as a juicer– more labor, different consistencies, quantities, etc. In addition to not having the juicer, I found it rather difficult to find some of the special ingredients (in Italy) such as friendly bacteria, spirulina, wheatgrass and believe it or not: LIMES!
  • during the program? I noticed the effects immediately. I was satisfied with the juice as my main meal, and I wasn’t cravings nearly as much as I had anticipated.
  • when you were craving? I’ve never “dieted” before, and once I made the decision to follow this program, I knew this was going to be a MIND OVER MATTER type of situation. When I found myself craving snacks, my body wanted me to eat something healthy instead of the greasy bag of potato chips that were staring me in the face… however my mind took over and went for the chips…  yeah, I effed up. I was hungry and should’ve drank the juice I was scheduled to drink, but I was just too lazy to make it/clean up the mess (considering juicing in bulk if possible). And as fun as it was to eat a few potato chips, I regretted my decision. (Jason Vale explains at the end of the 7 Day program that it is IMPERATIVE to eat light once you come off of the program. Your body adjusts to this cleanse and your stomach becomes very sensitive (Translation? Healthy food only, please). He encourages you to keep drinking two juices a day and then a very, very, light salad for dinner (after 7 days of juice, you want me to eat salad?? To be honest, I thought he was crazy but there is a method to his madness). By now your body should be cleansed and it will automatically chose salad over a heavy bowl of pasta- this is no lie).
  • when you finished the program? I felt really good. I might have lost weight, but I wasn’t counting. I might’ve toned up, but I wasn’t trying. So… what do I know? I know that I really enjoy using this technique to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables going into my body. It was a hell-of-a-lot easier blending spinach and beets than the idea of eating them by their lonesome.  I also know that I need to take care of my body (instead of putting it in food-induced comas); even though this seven day program is a pain in the ass when you don’t have a juicer over, I hope I continue to drink one juice a day so I can get the nutrients I need, digest better, and fill up on good-for-you-food so I don’t fall into food comas.

Have any Helpful Tips to a Successful Detox?

  1. If you plan on following 7lbs 7 days, Jason Vale provides a how-to video for everything in his program- watch ALL of them before you start (even though he’s kinda annoying since he says “beautiful” every other minute)
  2. If you’re serious about detoxes, head to the closest electronic store and buy the equipment you’ll need: chopping board, juicer, blender & a very good chefs knife!
  3. It’s really important to get ALL of the ingredients before you start the detox. When you look into your fridge and notice that you do not have an ingredient you’ll either work without it OR you might feel discouraged to continue (FYI: you may get emotional when drinking juice for a week LOL). I was missing an apple here, a pineapple there, however, I refused to go to the market/supermarket in order to avoid snacking. And yeah, it was a bit difficult/frustration at times… so buy all 76 apples and make sure you can buy the lettuce when you need it… otherwise it’ll expire on you.
  4. When getting creative with your juice concoctions, Jason Vale reminds you to base each drink with either apple, pineapple or carrot to give it the sweetness it needs. Do not blend anything that resembles a beet salad, it’s gross.
  5. Donate or hide all of the junk food in your house. The “in-case-of-emergency” frozen pizza needs to go in the bin.
  6. If you’re hungry, put down the potato chips and eat fruit while making your juice.
  7. Watch this video
  8. Do not put apples or carrots in the blender- they need to be juiced. Or, if you have to use the blender, add water or fruits with liquid in order to break them down.
  9. Don’t worry about portion controlling how much avocado or apple goes into your drink, it’s all healthy so just go for it.
  10. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I was proud of myself just for introducing the idea and taking the first sip which is better than nothing!

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

First meal off the diet! Salmon in Sesame Seeds by Chef Piero at Turne Monza. Yes, yes I did pass up Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce for a plate of Salmon! If this isn't proof that this detox works... I don't know what else will convince you ;)

Recommend? Yes. I thought I was just going to try this for a week and then I’d be done with it, however it’s more of a lifestyle than a detox. You feel the benefits almost immediately and your body responds with positive messages. In no way shape or form will I drink juice for breakfast, lunch AND dinner seven days a week throughout the year (there’s just too much good food to be eaten), however I will try to incorporate juice recipes every once and awhile when I want something refreshing, filling, and overall-good-for-you… which should be EVERYDAY (but let’s be real… I’m gonna start reintroducing pizza, pasta and all of my other favorites in the near future).

There are a ton of detox programs out there and I would recommend Jason Vale’s 7lb 7 Day Juice Diet if you want to try it. He definitely knows what he’s talking about even if he’s a bit annoying to listen to on the videos, you’ll feel the benefits internally after the first few juices even if you end up cheating here and there with pizza, chips…insert-name-of-unhealthy-food-here…, and the recipes aren’t that difficult (as long as you watch him in the 5 minute how-to videos).

If you’re in the right mindset, try it you’ll like it!

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