1. To appreciate the Autodromo and all of its glory (this is the 3rd year I’m in Monza for F1 and I haven’t seen the racetrack, like ever).
  2. To learn and understand F1 terminology by applying them into sentences.


  • Coffee
  • Formula 1 Expert
  • Sporty/Cute Outfit
  • Tickets
  • Bicycle
  • Sunglasses
  • Afternoon Snacks
  • Camera
  • Earplugs
  • iPhone (really need to unlock my phone so I can tweet away)


  1. Get surprised with tickets from friends who work the F1 Event (thank you F.V.!!!!) and be sure to bring a F1 Expert who knows how to navigate in and around the Autodromo (thank you Claudio)!
  2. If you have PIT TICKETS, skip breakfast even though you really, really need the coffee to wake up and leave well in advance in order to reach the track before they close the gate… otherwise you’ll be participating in a biathlon whether you like it or not.
  3. At least I ordered my cappucino to-go... yes, I just introduced Italy to an American custom- but that does not mean I want a Starbucks in Milan.

  4. Should you be that person who choses to eat breakfast instead of getting there on time, you will need to bike ride to Villasanta, drop off your bike so you will not be charged an extra entrance fee, walk through the park, start running asthmatic or not when you realize that you have 10 minutes and you’re no where near the gate entrance.
  5. Broke in the Asics.

  6. Should you feel the need to give up and hope to flirt with the next car passing by in order to get a lift to the gate… just grab your friends hand and give it all you’ve got…
  7. With two minutes to spare, Claudio and I made it to the gate.
  8. You have no idea what I went through to get here hahah.

  9. Entered AREA B and had an experience of a lifetime! In-no-way-shape-or-form-am-I-exaggerating.
  10. When I walked onto the “pit lane”, everything started to make sense. I literally walked into the garage of a German team… awkward/amazing.
  11. Favorite part? When a pit crew pushed one of the Ferrari Race Cars right by me as well as watching their “pit stop” practice run- incredible!
  12. After 30 minutes in the pit, Claudio and I went to see the cars in action: started out in the Grand Stands where the cars start, moved over to the Tribuna to see the cars take curves, and then we finished up the second half of the practice race at the last turn of the track in Parabolica where we met up with a fellow CS member Sam from Adelaide, Australia.
  13.  Favorite part? Haggling for earplugs (Claudio got them for 1 euro even though the vendors start at 3 euro), watching the photographers shoot pictures of the cars as they passed by, waiting for spin-outs and being sandwiched between Germans, Italians, Brazilians, and the rest of the world up in the stands.
  14. Tip: Bring a packed lunch (but don’t bring yogurt- it’ll spoil in the heat). Why? The food trucks at the track are pretty bad… I tasted a piece of hot dog and opted not to go further than that. Maybe a piadina would’ve been better or maybe this:

Possibly a good option but I didn't try it.


  • After an AMAZING 9-hr day of FORMULA 1, Claudio and I were exhausted. We met his wife/my best friend, Chiara and rewarded ourselves with some of the best gelato in town at Vigano Cafe on Via Lecco.

Pistachio & Coffee Gelato

  • Following the gelato, I went home and waited for my CouchSurfer, Bibi to arrive and had the BEST TIME with her and all of my friends at the Jamiroquai Concert 
    • 7:40-7:50pm Biked to the Stadium (2km)
    • 8:00pm Retrieved our tickets from the Vendita Bigletteria
    • 8:15pm Entered the stadium (BYOB, they don’t check and lines are insanely long) and danced to the DJ
    • 8:30-9:30 Planet Funk
    • 10:00-11:30 Jamiroquai (Really entertaining, think Prince on acid.)

Piadinas at Turne: Emilia Romagna Resident Approved.

  • Finished the night with mojitos and piadinas at Turne Monza on Via Bergamo 3!
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  • What an exciting day! And please no Starbucks in Milan, or anywhere – let’s keep or giant sized crappy coffees to go to ourselves.

  • I love Jamiroquai! Virtual insanity was my jam!

    Make sure that when you say your website in your youtubes you include the .com!

    • Okay I’ll make sure for next time :-D Thanks Jesse, hope you like the videos!

  • Very useful info to me, thanks!!

    • Thanks Nancy! So sorry I didn’t reply sooner, this got caught in my spam box! So glad you enjoyed the post!