Hi LML Readers! How are you this morning/afternoon/night?? Yeah, I’m totally being PC with Time Zones… it’s the American in me ;)

Just wanted to thank everyone for their positive feedback & comments. Your voices are really helping me understand which direction I should take to make LML the best it can be, so hooray for you! And with that said, I wanted to advise you that I will be publishing a post about FORMULA 1 in a format that I’m VERY familiar with: TEACHER LESSON PLANS (yes, I was early childhood teacher in my past life and I miss it)!

The LML Basic Lesson Plan will include the following:

  • Objective(s): Main points of the post
  • Materials: Depending on the post, it could be ingredients or things I need to take with me
  • Procedure: Bulleted notes on how-to accomplish the objectives with photography

How can you help me? I want to know if you like this new format. Please find the time to spare a few seconds AND vote on your personal preference (all votes are anonymous), PLEASE and THANK YOU:

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  • As a teacher I LOVE the lesson plan format. While I definitely think this format lends itself to some posts, and it was a fun way to read about your F1 day, I’m not sure how well it would translate to ALL posts. Keep it up Justine, you totally rock :)