Hi everyone! THANK YOU so much for following me while I was in ‘juice detoxification mode’ =) Patience is a virtue… and rightfully so, because I have SO much to tell you!

While on my detox I was doing a lot of planning and some food research (which was extremely difficult when you’re only holding a cup of juice in your hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner… the ‘don’t go to the grocery store hungry’ rule applies to ‘don’t surf the internet for food events while hungry’)… so here’s what you can look forward to reading about this month on LML:

Let the adventures begin! Follow me while I bounce around Italy and Paris! Expect food, fun and lots and lots of “fotos”!

FEEDBACK WELCOMED! Please let me know if you have any local tips or favorite restaurants/sights for Milan, Monza, Torino (and its surrounding towns), and Paris! Thanks in advance!

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  • mor_phine

    just found you recently on twitter, love your blog (especially the premise)! big F1 fan here, too…looking forward to the race! please tweet more often!! xoxo

    • Thanks so much, very happy to hear you’re reading! Off to the F1 track now for the first time in my life so keep your eye for that post, should be a good one :-)

  • Been to sagra dei crotti last week, looking forward to reading to your experience :P