What is an osteria?

Well, the definition of “osteria” has changed over the years… however, an authentic osteria only serves drinks and allows you bring your own food. In the USA, they have Bring Your Own Beer (BYOB) and here in Italy they have Bring Your Own Food (BYOF) hahah!

I passed a handful of osterias in Bologna, some of them are the oldest in the world, and one of them being: c.piana

To get the full osteria experience, we enjoyed some pistachio nuts (purchased from around the corner), ordered small glasses of white wine, sat, relaxed, and chatted (with Inti & Ale). Aritiginale gelato followed. This is the life.

One of the the Original Osterias

Order at the bar, get your drink and take a seat =)

Tiny Glass of White Wine

BYOF: Pistachio Nuts

Osteria Hour: Everyone comes to one of the oldest osterias in town...

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