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Alessandro accepted my CouchRequest and organized a day out in town to show me the wonderful world of Bologna, Italy. My expectations for this city? Food. Food. Food. Acknowledging my request for local cuisine, Ale, a foodie himself, gave me an AWESOME tour; since Bologna is rich in gastronomy, it was really amazing to hear Ale incorporate the culinary as well as the cultural history of Bologna (I kinda hinted that I’m not into museums… and I may have also hinted that I will subconsciously tune out when I hear/see more than one church LOL).

In all of my 25 years, I’ve never been so excited to learn about history! I was “wow-ed” by statues and I even entertained the idea of going into a museum (true story Mom!)… yeah history really wasn’t my subject of interest… however, if I had been introduced to culture, the way Ale showed me today, the Medieval Period, Renaissance, Bar-something-or-other-family… would ring a bell.

I mean, my parents took me all around the world when I was in elementary, middle school, highschool and even college. I learned a ton of things that I wouldn’t have learned/remembered in the classroom, however, the bus tours they scheduled for me just ended up being additional time to snooze (early wake-up calls + zero interest in history + semi-comfy seat – hands-on learning experience = Justine catching ZzzZzz). Reminder: If my future children are anything like me, hire Ale and take them abroad for history lessons.

Things I learned & saw in Bologna:

  • Bologna has a covered walkway 4km long called “il portico”- it starts from the center of the city and finishes at the top of a hill that is hosting a famous painting of Virgin Mary (Bolognese people believe that she saved them from the Black Plague)
  • During the Medieval period, many (rich) families built towers to protect themselves from war (stones at the bottom are made of thick chalk)
  • On Via Indipendenza there are four things that Bolognese people value: one of them being hemp ;)
  • The Pope requested a fountain to be made for the square in Bologna and well, the artist went with an idea and it’s quite open-minded to say the least…
  • Also in Piazza Maggiore, you will find a statue built into the town hall. It should be the Pope but the people of Bologna disguised it into a saint so Napoleon wouldn’t bomb it.
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