During my last visit home I went to EATALY NYC. I was a little peeved at myself for visiting the NYC location first… however I’m glad I did (save the best for last kinda mentality).

EATALY NYC is located in the Flatiron district and for the city, it’s a large space, yet EXTREMELY crowded (it’s only a year old and quite the hot spot for New Yorkers).

I didn’t get a chance to dine there due to claustrophobia, so I’ll just tell you a little about the product selection. When you walk in your greeted with fresh fruits and veggies. As you follow the mob of people, you will discover small stations for: cheese, meat, pasta and fish. As you walk around you’ll see the wine/beer/drink selection, books and kitchen supplies. As I mentioned before, there are opportunities to dine there, but it will be crowded.

During my visit to Bologna, my host asked me if I’ve ever been to EATALY BOLOGNA… and my eyes literally bulged, “There’s an EATALY in BOLOGNA?? Can we go??”

Located in the center of town, EATALY BOLOGNA is 3 stories high and attached to a bookstore.

  • Outdoor: In front of the shop, you can drink a good beer, have a coffee and order some food
  • First Floor: basic sandwich shop.
  • Second Floor: Sells kitchen products as well as EATALY/Slow Food approved food. There’s a kitchen as well as tables for a sit down lunch or dinner.
  • Third Floor: Lined with books as well as bottles of alcohol. Additionally, there’s a beautiful bar for food and drinks.

What did I do in Bologna? Ate lunch on the second floor and picked two of the local favorites: Lasagna Verdi, Parmigana di Melanzane, a glass of rosé, a glass of white and a bottle of sparkling water for 32,00 euro.

Last but not least, the original EATALY Torino! I had a HUGE smile on my face when I reached the original location (there’s a smaller EATALY in the center of town, whereas the original is farther out near Lingotto)- it’s humungous, think Wegmans (maybe two of them) and fill it with everything a foodie would dream about: 7 dining stations, fresh fruit and vegetable stands, aisles of artisan products, fresh pasta, books, kitchen supplies, an agrigelateria and a cafe… mamma mia che belloooo!!

My plan was to eat lunch at Eataly, walk around the store, and then I was going to walk around the center of Turin for the very first time… however, four hrs later I was still in Eataly and had to take the train back to Bra. Aside from my train ride from Milan/Bologna (approx 50 euro), I cleared my entire day, and spent an additional 9,00 euro just to take public transport from Bra to Eataly (not mention my store purchases); if that’s not foodie dedication, what is??

Which is your favorite out of the three? Well, they’re all EATALY and they all have something special about them.

  • NYC: Since it’s outside of Italy, it’s nice to know that you can get the same quality products.
  • Bologna: I really liked how they transformed the space and kept part of the old building exposed, as well as the bookstore which complimented EATALY on all three levels.
  • Torino: It was the largest of the three so I felt comfortable roaming up and down the aisles, taking my time to look at the products, and deciding which food station to dine at… it was my version of a theme park, so I guess the original is the winner =)
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