1. After learning about the process and production of beer, we began the tasting.
  2. I thought the Professor was joking when he said we had 15 beers to taste… but he wasn’t joking.
  3. I also thought he was joking when he said, “you can spit wine, BUT you cannot spit the beer.” But he wasn’t joking about that either…
  4. So, around Beer #6, my tongue was wasted. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’m pretty sure it was dancing.
  5. My Favorite Beer? #11. It tasted like smokey bacon.
  6. Am I sure?? Even though the first 10 beers may have had somewhat of an influence on my decision, I’m pretty sure #11 is still my favorite.
  7. After 15 quality beers, I was in need of a pretzel (however, there weren’t any pretzels in sight).
  8. And even though I was slightly disorientated after class, I heard well enough to know that they were giving us the leftover bottles… so I managed to bring back some beer for my temporary roomies.
  9. Did I drink more beer when I got back to the apartment? Maybe.
  10. Life is good in Bra.
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