So… now that I’m in Bra I was told to try the Salsicca di Bra. Eager to check it off my list, I was asking around for restaurant recommendations, but the locals told me I could get it at the butcher shop.

“Okay, so how do I cook it once I get the sausage from the butcher??”

“Umm, you don’t need to cook it… just eat it raw.”

“Say what? No oil? No pan? No lemon??”

Salsicca di Bra

Baffled, as well as curious, I went to the butcher shop, ripped off a small piece of sausage for 1,20 euro and tucked in. The beef was fresh, the flavor was wonderful and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

To give you some more info on the flavor, Slow Food says, “Salsiccia di Bra is a unique sausage of finely ground veal cured with sea salt, white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and mace, sometimes enriched with garlic, fennel, leeks, cheese (Parmigiano, mature Robiola or Toma), and wine. It is pressed into a small ram’s intestine. It is eaten fresh raw, or more rarely, broiled.”

If you don’t want to eat the sausage alone, there’s a sandwich called Mac d’Bra which includes: Salsiccia di Bra (Sausage), Formaggio di Bra (Cheese), and Pane di Bra (Bread).

3,00 euro per sandwich

Mac d'Bra: Cooked Sausage

Mac d'Bra: Raw Sausage

Following my Salsicca di Bra experiences, I continued this raw meat experience by choosing the “La Cruda” dish at EATALY Torino. I saw quite a few people ordering it and even though I wanted a huge piece of fiorentina steak, I thought that I’d see what the fuss is all about since I’m in the haven of all food havens.

La Cruda Meat is Slow Food Approved

La Cruda by EATALY Torino

Verdict? Really filling (portion looks small, but it almost ends up being too much food). You can taste the quality of the meat (not bloody or slimy as you might imagine); just cubed pieces of meat- add some sea salt, olive oil and voila!

I’ve seen this dish ordered before at restaurants in Lombardy (and I always gave it the stink eye), so I’m happy I tried it to make a fair opinion; however, if I’m not at Eataly, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna stick to steak medium raw, mmm.

Don’t judge me. But I know you already did. Just think of something along the lines of sushi. Try it, you’ll like it.

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