Ever have those moments when things just start to fall into place? Well this whole experience in Bra, Italy confirms that things really do happen for a reason.

Are you calling bullshit? Well, at least consider the facts before you pass judgement.

  • After a friend recommended UNISG, I contacted the school to schedule a visit
  • School offered two dates: September 14th or September 27th
  • Weighing my options I chose September 14th which happened to be the same week as the CHEESE event in Bra, Italy
  • Due to the insane amount of visitors for the week, I was in need of accommodation fast; even contacted people on CouchSurfing and the couches were full!! However, one CS member gave me the web addresses to contact the students of UNISG for an extra couch…
  • By the slimmest chance, a girl named Christina responded to my request in hopes of finding an apartment in Monza… long story short- I recommended an apartment, she took it, I came to Bra, and realized that I was connected to a circle of friends

(L to R) Nelson, Elisa, Ava, Raquel, Burcu, Rachel)


  • While Christina was working near Monza, I stayed at her place with her two extremely awesome roommates (both are students working for Slow Food)
  • After meeting SO many students from UNISG, I found more people to add to my “tribe” and felt like I was taking a step in the right direction
  • I received HONEST feedback about the school… and you know what they say, “honesty is the best policy”. I feel like I have a good idea as to what to expect from the school and what I can benefit from it… which means that I will be pitching this proposal to the parental units (I’ll keep you posted about the verdict).
  • In addition to the school visit, I was able to attend the 2011 CHEESE event which is a biennial festival, hosted in Bra, Italy and sponsored by Slow Food
  • Many of my new friends work for Slow Food, so I got to tag along and help interview producers as well as guests (which made me want to volunteer for Slow Food in November- which definitely could be food for thought)
  • Became a food tourist- took over 400 photos and I’m pretty sure I tasted every single cheese known to man (…might have put on a kilo with all the free samples from today’s outing)
  • Also got to try a few local favorites… which include my gelato runs:

Italian Coffee with Hazelnut Gelato

Ricotta Gelato & Mascarpone w/ Honey and Walnut Gelato

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  • Hey! Stumbled upon this websiteand… it’s marvellous: nice pics, very well written and “usable”.
    Good choice to take a year off from 9-5 kind of job. More, seeing your dedication, let me think that yours will be a great success ( you’ve already have a pretty catchy name: “LML” ).
    Keep it up and.. a late welcome to Italy!

    • Claudio, thank you so much for your comment- it brought a smile to my face =) So glad you’re enjoying the photography as well as the content! Stay tuned for more, I just booked a trip to Paris and I’m ready for the baguettes!