Hi everyone, I'm Justine (LITTLE MISS LOCAL)! I've been living in Italy for 2 yrs (originally from the East Coast) & I'm hosting MILANS FIRST FOODSPOTTING EAT UP at Grand'Italia! Can you say, EXCITED?!

About to munch on Fresh Bread and Olive Oil with Gianfranco (Italian), Olivier (Belgian), & Dom (English) while we wait for the others =)

Tagolini Nero con Ricotta Fresca (Justine)

Mushroom Pizza (Domenique)

Pizza Margarita (Gianfranco)

Vegetable Pizza (Silvia)

Cotoletta Margarita (Siegfried)

Cotoletta Trentino (Stefano)

Decided to make the Lunch Event into a Foodspotting Tour!

After Lunch Coffee at La Tosteria!

Give me a Round of Caffe Machiatos, per favore ;)

Next Course: Dessert at Amorino in Brera, Milan!

Eating Gelato on the cobblestone streets (which double as a man-made foot massage while wearing flats- can you say aaah?) in Brera

I ordered EVERY Fruit Flavor offered on a Medium Cone for 3,50 euro... yes, I ate that masterpiece & it was so YUM!

Foodspotting our way to the Castle =)

Lunch x2?? Brera Pizza Heart <3

Playing with food? How do you eat your veggies??

Stumbled upon this little cafe shop on our way to the Castle... and guess what I found inside?? Cupcakes!!!! Be back soon.

In Piazza Fontana Milan with my friends Fabio & Alessia

Met more CS friends in the Piazza & then we went to GROM for Granitas & Gelato... THANKS FOR A GREAT DAY EVERYONE =)

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  • Justine, your food tour looks so much fun! And the weather looked great :) Thanks so much for getting everyone together. Can you send me a link when you add your dish recommendations to Foodspotting and I’ll share it with everybody!

    • Thanks Amy! We took advantage of the last rays of sunshine in Milan by turning our Foodspotting Lunch into a Foodspotting Food Tour =) After a great meal at Grand’Italia (for a mere 10 euro per person)… I took the group for coffee around the corner to one of my favorite cafes, Il Tosteria and then we walked further down the road for gelato at Amorino as well as GROM while foodspotting bakeries, cafes and restaurants along the way =)

      You can checkout some of our foodspots on my profile:

      Thanks for reading, so glad I could organize this! Hope to be part of more events in the future!

  • Looks like it was a blast! That pizza looks AMAZING!!

    • Thanks Lindsey, it was a great day! When you make it to Milan, l’ll be happy to take you there myself for a slice of “pizza al trancio” to thank you for all of your Paris recos!! Just let me know when you’re in the area =) I’ll be posting about Paris shortly, thanks again for everything, your posts are wonderful!