You know it’s Autumn when you’re:

  1. wearing a jacket (brr… it just went from sunny to chilly in the past 24 hrs)
  2. saying PROST, no matter where you are in the world, while holding a liter of beer in your hand

That’s right everybody, break out your beer stein, it’s Oktoberfest season!

Oktoberfest has been a Bavarian tradition since 1810 and lasts for 16-18 days (you know the drill, click on the link so Wikipedia can fill you in on the history).

When did you go? Well, before I moved to Italy in 2009, I took a trip to Chicago (July 2009) to met up with my friend from University, who introduced me to his roommates, and they told me about their European road-trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. Ecstatic for their journey, they invited me along and within 5 minutes, they had a plan to pick me up from Monza, Italy on September 18, 2009. Umm, can you say “efficient”??

Two years ago to the day, I joined these four guys for a 7hr car ride to Munich, Germany for an incredibly, awesome long weekend. If you get a chance to visit Munich during Oktoberfest, it’s definitely one of those events worth checking off your Bucket List.


Looking Back: 

  • Cramped Hotel Room for 5 people didn’t bother me one bit. I’d pick a comfy chair in the Hilton, a clean bathroom and free WiFi over a tent outside any day…
  • Also, I remember being extremely excited when I found out that we had access to the breakfast buffet as well as the happy hour in the Executive Lounge
  • I may or may not have grabbed a few extra jams & nutella packets for a mid-day snack…
  • Still half asleep, I walked down the road to the main event and got in line at the Hippodromo with the Oompa Lompas
  • I remember asking if we could flirt our way to the front instead of waiting in the long line… I think I managed to get ahead by 1 person before giving up
  • Made a mad dash to claim our seats in the tent- first come, first serve (for the extremely limited, non-reserved seating areas)
  • Made friends with people ALL over the world just by saying one word: PROST (Cheers!)
  • Ventured outside for some fresh air, made friends with two girls studying abroad, crashed a bachelor party and got invited to the wedding
  • When we tried to get back inside, they refused to let anyone back in and we were completely separated from our groups with no way of contacting them.
  • After 10 failed attempts to get back in (and at the time it seemed harder to enter the Hippodromo, than escaping prison), I gave up and decided to call it a day
  • However, a quick pit-stop to the bathroom helped me relocate my friends thankyoujesus and we moved onto the next tent together (pretty sure they didn’t let go of my hand for the rest of the night)
  • Oh yeah and the bruise on my arm?? A steel pole bumped into me…
  • Had the best time at the Pauliner tent- danced to the band and partied with a group of Aussies from Melbourne!
  • Absolutely loved walking around the ginormous tent, meeting people all over the world (but just an FYI for my lady friends, make sure to BYOB: Bring Your Own Bodyguard)
  • Late night snacks included giant-sized pretzels, french fries with ketchup from something that resembled a cow’s utter, roasted nuts and foot long hot dogs…
  • Only downfall?? I forgot/lost my awesome hat.
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