Why Paris? Why not?? I wanted to eat authentic French food so I bought the next flight to Paris on (an inexpensive EU local airline) with my friend Massimo, who’s aspiring to be a fashion designer. We decided to book 4 Nights/ 5 Days, so stay tuned for a photo journey through Paris over the next few days <3

Finding inspiration in every shop we pass: beautiful leather bike locks- why didn’t I think of that?

First Must-Have Food: French Baguette with Black Sesame Seeds (1,10 euro)

GREAT start to our Parisian journey!!

Another Must-Have Treat: French Macaron

Looking forward to making these delicious sweets with La Cuisine Paris on Friday!

“Massimo, half of that is mine! Don’t eat it yet!”

Giant-Sized Raspberry Macaron with a generous chunk of chocolate in the center, uh-mazing (2,10)

Local Tourists: I must say that the Parisians do a GREAT job with their signs.

My door obsession has tripled in Paris.

Helpful Tip: Look before you cross & wait for the green man! I know this is a general standard but I got confused since they have zebra crosswalks, in addition to the walk signal… in the USA and Italy (well, you always pause in Italy lol), the white stripes mean the pedestrians have the right to cross first.

* Special thanks to Mardi (eatlivtravwrite) for suggesting a hotel in the center of the city (hotel is not featured in this post) with a wonderful price tag! Stumbled upon Rue Montorgueil within minutes from our hotel and entered the Parisian Version of “foodie heaven” as depicted in the photos above.

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  • OMG my ‘hood, my ‘hood. Maison Collet was my regular boulangerie when I lived in Paris. I miss rue Montorgueil!

    • Rue Montorgueil is a gem. You’re so lucky to have lived in that area!! I’d retire there.