If you’re not familiar with Paris (like I am/was), the city center is broken up into numbers. You’ll notice it on the map, and it’ll look like this: #e Arr.

Since I’ve been the tourist, the researcher and the student on this trip… I chucked my map with the pretty pictures, and decided to wander around 4e Arr. I retraced some of my steps from yesterday, paused for a few minutes to enjoy my surroundings, and checked out a few places that were recommended by locals.

Repetto. The modern version of Hans Christian Anderson, “The Red Shoes”.

Kusmi Tea is kind of a big deal. It’s good. It’s expensive. It says Paris.
Even though the packaging is beautiful, I didn’t buy any since I can find it in Italy.

One of my many pauses infront of the Seine River. Beautiful, isn’t it? I chose a spot on a bridge so I could stare into the open space with the Notre Dame on my left, the Louvre to my right and the Eiffel Tower somewhere in between.

Mission Complete: Found IZREAL, known to some as the Harry Potter of Spice Shops.

Purchase? Test Tube of Fleur de Sel for 7,00.

Wandered into the Jewish Area and saw EVERYONE holding a sandwich in a yellow napkin. My tummy started to grumble so I put myself in the busiest take-out line (I believe in the “it’s worth the wait” long line theory). While standing there I was approached by “street waiters” (yeah that’s what I’m calling them) and forked over my cash before ordering at the window (not gonna lie, was semi-nervous that I was being scammed when they asked me for 5 euro in return for a square piece of paper with a scribble on it… but it was legit).

5,00 Falafel Sandwich. Recommended by Lindsey (lostincheeseland). So good.

Super thirsty. Spotted the teapot. Sat down.

Finished my freshly squeezed OJ in two seconds and got slapped with a 5 euro bill… which is a good example of “things that are expensive in Europe, but you just get used to it kinda purchase”.

Paris is getting trendy and they’re bringing over some American traditions… so I ordered the “French-est” American Cupcake for 2,00.

Even though it’s an American tradition, the French know how to do it right. And yes, I bit directly into the tip: Vanilla Mousse Chocolate Dipped on top of a Mini Chocolate Cake- phenomenal!!

BTW, if you haven’t noticed already… my chocolate allergy is gone for the season, hooray!



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