There are hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate shops in Paris, however this shop had me stop in my tracks. I’m not an extreme fan of chocolate, but a chocolate fan nonetheless, so my eyes were glued on these chocolate cubes that were being displayed in the store window… I mean, how could you just pass by without some form of curiosity??

When I started to walk back towards the front door, my friend Massimo tried to tell me the store was closed and now that I think about it, maybe he was just trying to save my waistline. Luckily, I ignored him and walked inside. The smell was beautiful as well as intoxicating… and something told me I was in the right place at the right time.

The chocolatier behind the counter was Michel Chaudun. If his confidence didn’t give it away, I could tell he was a big deal because he has a photo of chocolate “B” Bags.

What I liked best about Michel Chaudun, aside from his obvious talent in chocolate, was his friendly approach.

  • I asked him if he spoke English, and he shook his head “no” with a smile and a giggle.
  • I asked him if he spoke Italian and then he said only French in French.
  • At this point I’m cursing myself for spending 6 years of my life learning Spanish… so I looked at Massimo, then I looked at Michel Chaudun, and then back to Massimo for some help… but I just got a blank stare.
  • However, the expert himself just knew to pick up an empty plastic bag and picked out some of the BEST chocolates he had to offer…
  • And then he gave me one of the tiny Fresh Chocolate cubes to sample and it was pure chocolate bliss. The “good things come in small packages theory” applies here.

#2. Passion Fruit

Surprisingly tart (since I didn’t know which flavor to expect when I first bit into it).

#3. Java: Almond Milk Chocolate Praline

Loved the nuttiness and the soft chocolate on the inside.

#4. Beragua: Caramel Praline

In a word, AMAZING. You need to try this one.

#5. Rhum: Rum Raisin

Michel Chaudun’s #1 Pick. Loved the texture. Soft, smooth and flavorful.

Four pieces of chocolate amounted to a little over 5,00 and I was almost tempted to purchase more. Very happy to have met the chocolatier himself and even happier I enjoyed every single one of his chocolates.

Stop by on your way to the Eiffel Tower:

149, rue de l’ Université Paris, France 75007 — Tel: 01 47 53 74 40

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