I picked up on my geographical location rather quickly and was able to navigate my way around Paris by DAY 3. Just past Notre Dame, I crossed the Seine River and found one of the oldest markets in France: The Marché Maubert.

As I navigated around the market snapping pictures of the freshest produce and seafood… I stumbled upon shiny-gold-cans. Intrigued by a free sample, I stumbled upon French food staple: FOIE GRAS!

I’ll be honest with you… I never had foie gras before. I mean, I’ve heard of it. But I haven’t had the opportunity to try it… and even if I did try it… I don’t remember it.

Curious as ever, I popped the sample in my mouth and noticed the rich, buttery texture. Foie gras means “fat liver”, which is an appropriate name because certain ducks and geese are fed an excessive amount of corn in order to fatten up their livers.

With pride and passion, David (stall owner) took the time to explain the history of his company La Petite Perigourdine, the production, and how his products compare to other retailers.

  • First of all, his mother Helene Mudry, makes the foie gras (and Moms always make things taste much better)
  • In a small town in Northern France, their company only uses ducks that are raised and fed by the Perigord standard
  • La Petite Perigourdine is certified IGP, which is a European sign of quality for agricultural products.
  • In 2011, their company was awarded the Medaille d’Or
  • And unlike other companies, their company does not add excessive liquids or fat to the foie gras which makes it their foie gras artisanal

Popular Product? Rillettes pur Canard is made with duck leg and his mother makes their version very lean which is appreciated by many customers.

David’s Favorite? Grattons de Canard. This version has more taste/texture and it can be eaten in a variety of ways- David says he enjoys it with tagliatelle (pasta)!

Purchase? Extremely impressed by the samples provided, as well as David’s thorough descriptions, I decided to buy everything I tasted… and then some!

Can’t wait to share my foie gras with friends on special occasions! If you’re in Paris, support the locals by visiting David on Thursday at the The Marché Maubert Market or take a trip up North to visit his Mom, Helene Mudry to see where the magic happens!

Learn more about Le Petite Perigourdine at:

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  • Alli C.

    I just got caught up on your Paris adventure! The food looked amazing- I had just finished my crappy eggs & broccoli breakfast and compared to all the delicious things I was looking at in your photos, my mouth was watering & my stomach is growling. Jealous! The falafel looked amazing, and if I am ever in Paris I WILL be stopping in and getting the Millefoglie.

    • Alli, I’m sure your stomach appreciates your eggs. I just got finished with my second day of pilates, and the trainer was like “squeezeeeee your stomach” and I’m like, “I am… there’s no muscle- it’s just full of cake!”

  • Randy F.

    Awesome post! Foie gras is being curtailed in the states soon but will have to explore alternatives to restaurants. Cans of that pure gold would be popular. What an adventure!

    • Hot Dougs went against the foie gras ban in Chicago and still serve foie gras on their hotdogs… needless to say, rebels.