Standard Bread Basket. Check!

The Cantal Burger 18,00.

French Fries. Check!

Magret de Canard et son Escalope de Foie Gras Poelee 23,00.

Planche de Fromages 12,00.

Wine Bar.

Souvenign Blanc 4,50.

Total Bill: 29,00 per person.

Le Porte Pot

  • 14 Rue Boutebrie, 75005 Parigi, Francia
  • 0143252424

Recommended by my new friend, Guillemette of La Cuisine Paris, I ventured to Le Porte Pot for my last sit-down meal in Paris. Since I’ve spent the majority of my trip walking around Paris, I asked for a place that has good vibes, good food and good prices.

Environment: Almost cave-like and cozy. There’s two areas in Le Porte Pot, but we stayed in the main room next to the wine bar. Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

Food: Kinda of a hit and miss. On a positive note, the burger was delicious. It was made with quality meat and cooked well. The french fries were a nice addition- handmade and fried to perfection. On a not-so-great note, I decided to order the Magret de Canard (started and finished Paris with the same dish) and this is what I got.

I don’t know about you, but presentation is a huge deal for me and it looks as if they forgot to put something on my plate. If that’s the portion size, maybe they should use a smaller plate? For the same price I could’ve ordered the XL Ribeye. Taste wise? There were only a few pieces of the duck breast, and out of the few pieces available, only two pieces were tender. For the slices that were a little tough, I paired it with the foie gras… and that made the dish REALLY delicious (however, still peeved that a certain someone took 1 out the 2 pieces of foie gras off of my plate because he wanted a “mushroom”).

Prices: When I looked at the menu I thought the dishes were well-priced for the center of Paris. However, when I received the Magret de Canard dish, I was bit disappointed that I paid 23 euro for a half-empty plate. I know that Le Pearl is like a diamond in the rough but I got the same dish for less money and more duck breast.

Service: Super friendly. Very helpful. And they spoke English. I’d come back, but I wouldn’t order the Magret de Canard.

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