How would you spend your last night in Paris?

I wanted to enjoy a good meal and a nice stroll around town (even if my feet were in pain from all of the walking, but I guess I should get use to it if I plan on traveling often).

So as you know, I got a table at Le Porte Pot and had a leisurely dinner. Two hours after finishing my meal, my cheese plate, and my wine… strolling was on the fence… but I said to myself, “you’re in Paris.”

So I gave into the city and let Paris take me into its own hands. Instead of walking the sidewalks of Seine, something told me to walk down the steps of the bridge so I could walk along the river. And if you know me at all, I usually avoid these areas, ESPECIALLY at night. However it was relatively well-lit and that’s when I discovered an entirely different Parisian environment.

Groups of teens, as well as a handful of adults (I guess I’m included in this category) were hanging out down by the Seine with their wine, their beer, their cheese, their bread, their cigarettes and their crisps during the late hours of the night. It was amazing to see them gathered in their circles, munching on their snacks and laughing in such a low-key atmosphere- I mean, who needs a bar when you can legally drink liquor in public next to the Seine River?

It was amazing. I felt as if I discovered a (not-so) secret locals area (I mean, I could be wrong since the Seine is one of the main attractions in Paris). Some groups had blankets to sit on, but most didn’t. So I took off my flats and found an empty space to sit.

Massimo was next to me, but we didn’t say anything to one another; we just sat and stared and took it all in. If I lived in Paris, this would be the place I’d go to think. Its kind of an indescribable feeling (cue Aladdin: Whole New World); you just have to experience it, and if you do, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Think (young) Paris but without the heavy price tag.

I mean, if I would’ve known about this spot beforehand, I would’ve made a grocery run on Rue Montegrueil for cheese, meat, and bread as opposed to a proper sit-down meal. And to be perfectly honest, I wanted to go up to each group on the Seine and ask if I could take a picture of them with their “meals” because I just thought it was so interesting to see what they brought… some had fancy cheese and salami, while others had potato chips and beer… but regardless of what they had, it was just so beautiful seeing the variety.


Take me back.

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