Carmen Sandiego? LML?

After these past few trips, I would wake up out of my coma and ask myself, “Where am I??” Which made me realize that I need to keep better track of where I’ve been and where I will be.

So what am I getting at?? Well, when I was flying back from Paris to Milan, I was seated between a guy reading a newspaper and a guy writing in a notebook. I was planning on sleeping the entire 95 minute flight, but I couldn’t help but notice how neat the guy on my right was writing in his notebook, which lead to a conversation.

He told me he’s a pilot for Easyjet and he was writing down all of his flight information. When I took a closer look, I realized that I needed something like this for my travels!

Seriously, after I fly somewhere I completely forget which airline I just used. Not to mention, I have no clue how frequent flyer miles work aside from magazine subscriptions (that I don’t even read). Therefore, I’ve decided to track my flights by using flightmemory.com (wish this included train travel) which is used by a fellow blogger (foodieinternational)! Should be a good system… at least for now =)

PS: Its been confirmed that pilots do not hear you when you clap on the landing… so please stop… k, thanks.

PPS: Taking the train to Trentino, Italy (approximately 5 hours from Monza)! Spending Saturday and Sunday at local food festivals, expect SPECK!

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