I saw this.

Sent this.

Published this.

Now I’m newest member of the Omakase Box Family… consider me their distant relative.

About Omakase Box: “Omakase” is Japanese for “It’s up to you, chef.” Therefore the Omakase Box is a selection of tasty and unique foods that are handpicked and delivered to a select group of clients in Canada. Sign up if you’re in the area!

If you’re not in the area (like myself), you can follow the treats they’re putting in their monthly boxes by following the Omakase Box blog (this is where I come in)…

Job Description: Find yummy food. Eat yummy food. Blog yummy food.

Volunteering as a Treat Scout Blogger works well with my freelance lifestyle. Even though I won’t have an actual salary, Omakase Box will support my curious food habit by reimbursing my taste-test posts around the globe. Let the scouting begin!

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