Wow, September flew by… and I hope you enjoyed all of the posts! It was a fun-filled month, with special events like Formula 1 in Monza, the Food War in Rimini and the Bi-Annual Cheese Festival in Bra!

Not to mention my most recent trip to Paris which included one very delicious food tour, my new cookie obsession and a trip up the Eiffel Tower.

This month I’m staying in Italy and these are some of the things you can look forward to:

And somewhere in between, I’m going to make a special announcement…


PS: I don’t really like this picture of me, but it’s my “thinking face” and it’s almost jacket season so I figured it was appropriate LOL. And posts without pictures are sad.

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  • If you’re going to have some day trips from florence, consider to visit the “Valle del Diavolo” (“The Devil Valley”!! Near the town of “Pomarance”): there’s a huge geothermal activity overthere (10% of geot. energy worldwide is produced overthere!) with the bonus of many “secrets” spots all over the place (ask the locals) to have a good hot-bath in the woods! Find a place to buy some fresh bread with some local (really good) ham and you’re done: It’s magic.
    I was there last year: I should have a little “treasure map” with one of these spots. I’ll look for it and post it here if you like.

    And if you’ll be in Pisa, two place not to miss:

    GELATO: “Gelateria De’ Coltelli”

    EVERYTHING ELSE: “Numero 11” restaurant. You go to the counter, you order. The service: you provide for yourself! (watch the other customers and do as they do). So they can keep a good quality with fair prices. And the water is FREE, finally!



    too modest: you’re stunning in that picture!

    • Pisa’s not on the agenda, but if I end up there I’ll let you know whether or not I stop by these places! Thanks for the suggestions!

  • thanks for linking to ArtTrav! You should find plenty to prepare for your Florence trip here!

    • No problem Alexandra! I picked your post because it wasn’t ask dry and touristy as the rest =) I’ve been to Florence a few times but I was wondering if you had any local restaurant recommendations up your sleeve?? Would be greatly appreciated!