NORTHERN ITALIAN DISHES BY OSTERIA DEL CAVOLO: prosciutto platter, polenta, pizzocheri, pumpkin ravioli

Osteria Del Cavolo:

Vicolo dei Molini, 11 – Monza, Italy

When I consider eating at a restaurant, I check their menu variety and their prices. Turne Monza is my go-to restaurant for good local food at great prices, however a friend heard reviews about Osteria del Cavolo and wanted to try it. I was opposed to trying somewhere new, but I figured I’d give it a try since they’re known for their local dishes and homemade pasta. My only hesistation, their prices are listed higher than their competitors- does that mean their cuisine is superior? Find out…

Restaurant Critic:

Situated in the center of Monza, surrounded by four competing restaurants, Osteria del Cavolo waits for customers in their cozy green & white restaurant. When you walk in, it feels as if you entered a cottage with pretty plates and overly-attentive waiters. They cater to tourists by offering menus in English… and that’s when I realized that this place may not be as authentic as they advertise themselves to be…

Food Critic:

To get a good idea of the restaurants range, we ordered plates a la carte (ranged from 8,50-10,50) as well as one of their pre-fixe menu (43,00). On a positive note, we started and ended the meal well… however everything else was unsatisfactory (meaning the homemade pasta dishes and the main course were ehh). Why? When the plates arrived, they were on the small size… but I kinda didn’t mind after I tasted the dish- the sauces were just awful. Either too bitter or too heavy for the plate. If it’s any consolation, I enjoyed the piece of chicory that accompanied the main course.



  • Starter: Cured Meat Platter w/ Polenta & Sausage
  • Desserts: Sorbetto & Tortino al Ciccolato
  • Service- Attentive but they looked miserable.


  • Small Portions
  • High Prices
  • Sauces…

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