Last May I visited the Veneto region (area near Venice) to check out the spas in Abano. Four months later and I’m back in town! However, before I start writing about this weeks experience, I thought I’d tell you about my first Abano Spa experience…

MAY 2011 RECAP: I was in desperate need of a relaxing weekend, so I searched the internet for “terme” deals, and hopped the next train out of Milan to Padova. With advice from a friend who goes regularly, I knew to catch a connecting train to Terme Euganee (do not stop in Abano) in order to reach my hotel.

Grand Hotel Vittoria & Trieste

Package: 105 euros

Included 1 night stay, full board (all meals included) and access to all pools (without pool access, they charge 40,00 euro to use the thermal pools).

  • Service: The staff members were very nice. They acknowledged that I was alone multiple times (LOL) which worked out in my favor because they gave me extra scoops of gelato =)
  • Room: The hotel has two sections- old and new. I was placed in the older part of the building which was newly restored and absolutely loved it. The room was huge and well decorated.
  • Food: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, presentation is key and if I were to rate their presentation, I’d give them a zero. Even though the flavors were quite good (except for the seafood dishes), it was just so unappetizing to look at. Not to mention, the service was a little too fast and a bottle of water costs 4,00 euro.
  • Pools: There are four thermal pools with various temperatures and a
    pseudo-grotto (sauna)

    . Although relaxing, I really didn’t enjoy any of the pools in particular. Some pools feature multiple hydro-massages, however only one hydro feature can be turned on at a time (meaning if you’re in a pool with other people, the first person to get to the button win s). And for the record, I made sure to press EVERY button in the pool to test out every single feature.

Original Elevator


I Felt Like Eloise at The Plaza in their Dining Room

One of the many examples of their food presentation... would you eat that?? I tried... but gave up. I won't bother showing you the rest.

OVERALL: For a 5 Star Hotel I had high expectations and they weren’t met (quite disappointed in the food as well as the pools). It would be more appropriate as an “almost” 4-Star Hotel even though I did appreciate the service from the staff members. Would I return? Well, lets put it this way… it would have to be a REALLY great deal for a really great price.


Now I’m in Abano (Montegrotto) and staying at a different Hotel so I’ll be sure to update you when I can… and so far, so good!

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