What is COlunching?

COlunching is a social-networking opportunity to meet friends, or friends of friends, or “potential” friends in your neighborhood over food and drinks! With a maximum of 8 people per table (sign up because it’s first come, first serve… and tell them LITTLE MISS LOCAL sent you), you’ll get the chance to engage in conversations with fellow Colunchers.

A wonderful opportunity when you’re new to town or a local waiting to meet new people (so forget dining alone, and if you’re worried about awkward introductions… just remember that you’re all there for the same reason).

What is a trattoria?

A traditional trattoria is less formal than a restaurant and more formal than an osteria… basically it’s the in between. Casual atmosphere, modest prices, and lots of food (sometimes served family style).

Where did you go for brunch in Milan?

When I was contacted to host the FIRST COlunching experience in MILAN, the first place that came to mind was Trattoria 18/28. Why? They provide brunch, and it was highly recommended by a friend. Good food at great prices… can you say, there?!

Trattoria 18/28

Via L.Muratori, 27  Porta Romana, Milano

Restaurant Critic:

Trattorias have developed over the years- 18/28 is a modernized trattoria, but they keep the trattoria vibe by supplying lots of food and keeping prices low. Oh and just an FYI, their name “18/28” does not represent a year. It represents their fixed dinner menu prices. Cute, no?

As for the environment, the decor is simple yet statemental. The tables are quite close to one another, but the tall ceilings make the space feel open; indoor and outdoor seating provided.


I think everyone can agree that Sunday afternoons are known to be calmer and done at a relaxed pace which is why we didn’t mind when the servers took things slow. Most staff members were quite friendly, however, like any restaurant, you can always expect to encounter a grouchy one now and then. If you encounter the not-so friendly server, and you have a specific dietary need, it is possible to request a change in the order even if they say they cannot change it. Scrambled eggs without bacon? I think it’s feasible.

Food Critic:

On Sunday, Trattoria 18/28 has a set brunch for 14 euro per person, which includes an all you can eat buffet (mostly sweets), one main dish (either the plate combination or the hamburger) and unlimited drinks.

Breakfast Buffet // Plentiful & constantly replenished with goodies (nice treat when they’re served fresh from the oven). Buffet included: chocolate chip muffins, tiny pancakes with apple sauce & maple syrup, cheesecake, apple cake, chocolate croissants (SO GOOD!), croissants with ham & cheese, chocolate salami cookies, & a variety of jams.

Plate Combination // I’d like to call this the protein-lovers dish: included a hearty portion of cured meats, a variety of cheeses (really yummy), a cold slice of vegetable quiche (not bad, but better if heated), scrambled eggs with bacon and a double-decker (two sandwich-halves on top of one another) that resembled a Club Sandwich (turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato… quite good).

If you get the Plate Combination as a Veggie Option, expect the same plate without meat- just subbed with more cheese, roasted potatoes and bacon-less scrambled eggs. In addition to the unlimited buffet, I actually prefer this option (will order next time)!

Hamburger & Fries // Oh boy, when I cut the hamburger in half, I looked at it and it reminded me of McDonalds. When I took a bite, it was worse than I thought. The meat is Grade Z, however I enjoyed the steak fries.

Drinks // Very fun to have a orange juice maker, however the oranges were flavorless since it’s not their season (much better in November). Unlimited water, coffee and juice. Along with an espresso to finish the meal.


  • Chocolate Brioche
  • Variety of Cheeses
  • Buffet
  • Unlimited Drinks
  • Fixed Prices (Great for Groups)
  • Relaxed Environment


  • Service


  • Hamburger Meal
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