What is altromercato?

If you asked me, I’d say it’s the au natural-looking store with pretty handmade items, specialty food products and teas from South America.

However, they are so much more than that!

If you go their website, you can read, in detail, about their impact in the world and their contributions in Fair Trade Organization (FTO).

  • altromercato is the largest organization fair trade organization in Italy and the second largest worldwide
  • altromercato raises attention, nationally and internationally, to promote peasants and artisans (particularly in South America)

What is fair trade?

  • ensures that small producers in developing countries have sustainable/direct access to the market, in order to facilitate the transition from a precarious situation of economic self-sufficiency and respect for human rights;
  • strengthens the role of producers and workers as primary stakeholders in the organizations they operate;
  • wide-ranging action, even at the political and cultural level, to achieve greater fairness in the rules and practices of international trade

Sunday Aperitivo Event:

Every Sunday, Turne Monza hosts a special aperitivo (as opposed to their weekly aperitivo) which features simple finger foods to multiple hot pasta dishes! And last Sunday was a special event because altromercato challenged Turne’s Head Chef by asking him to create a menu with altromercato products/ingredients for the event… take a look at what he cooked up!

Compliments to the Chef!

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