What is La Taste?

La Taste is a foodie gold mine. Located in Seregno, a mere 10 minute train ride from Monza, you will find a Bistro, Cafe and Local Food Store in one beautiful building.

La Taste opened its doors in March 2011 and they have a consistent clientele who appreciate the local products found in their store.

Their bread comes from Davide Longoni, a local baker in Brianza who uses organic flour for his breads (if you’re lucky enough to get a seat, sign up for his bread-making events at La Taste). Their cured meats are aged by Marco D’Oggiono from Lombardy, and after taste-testing many local wine vineyards, La Taste decided to invest into La Costa.

By collaborating with these companies, La Taste is able to support and promote quality products from their area, and vice versa.

Message from the Owners:

“We are five friends, with a deep passion for food. La Taste is our dream come true, the expression of our expertise and how we interpret food. We were looking for producers, ideas and recipes, menus and products, to be introduced to a lively and attentive audience… but now we are ready to offer our interpretation of Gastronomy.”


First thought when you walked in?

Where am I?? Clean lines, white walls, great lighting, well stocked shelves, special products, transparency between the bistro, cafe and store… hmm, am I really in Italy? Or am I in a really, really spacious Dean and Deluca?

Completely baffled that I was in Seregno, a very small town just outside of Monza, I roamed up and down each aisle inspecting the products. Really great variety of local artisan products ranging from spices to jams, drinks to pasta and so on. It’s basically a mini-Eataly without the extremely high prices and excessive commute.


  • Local Supporters
  • Good Selection of Quality Products
  • Bistro Menu is Created on a Daily Basis
  • Events: Bread-Making, Aperitivo Wine/Food Pairings, etc.
  • Open All Week, except Mondays
  • Location is 5 Minutes from Train Station
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