When I’m cooking in my kitchen (this happens on rare occasions), I usually rip open a box of Barilla (surprisingly, most Italians prefer this brand), however I stumbled into Salumeria Bertin, located across from the Terme Euganee train station (not the typical tacky souvenir shop type), and found pasta with Tartufo (Truffle) as well as a bag of Aglio & Basilico (Garlic & Basil) Pasta.

Let me translate that for you: the ingredients were rolled into the pasta dough, so all you have to do is boil and add butter… can you say easy??

Artisan Pasta

Step 1: Open the package and decide how much you want to eat (Italians suggest 70g per person)

Step 2: Boil water in a pot and add some salt.

Step 3: Once water is boiled, add pasta for the amount time written on package- Truffle Pasta takes 3 Mins, the Garlic & Basil Pasta takes 9 mins.

Step 4: When timer rings, drain pasta from water.

Step 5: Add your favorite olive oil, a dash of butter and MANGIA!


Morelli Tartufo Pasta 250g (Price: 4,10): 

  • Good truffle aroma
  • Subtle truffle flavor
  • Best with Oil, Butter & Salt
  • Cooks in 3 Minutes

Morelli Aglio & Basilico Pasta 250g (Price: 3,95):

  • Garlic aroma when cooking
  • Basil flavor in the pasta
  • Can be paired with tomato sauce or eaten plain with oil & salt
  • Cooks in 9 minutes
Simple, fast, artisanal. I thought these pastas would have more flavor on their own, but when paired with simple ingredients such as olive oil, salt and butter, the flavor of the main ingredient truly shines brighter. Favorite out of the two? Tartufo.
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